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75. Local Self Government Institutions to implement projects through Annual Plans and Five Year Plans.— Every Local Self Government Institution, while framing the proposals for inclusion in the Annual Plans and the Five Year Plans under decentralised planning, as provided under section 175 of the Kerala Panchayat Raj Act, 1994 (13 of 1994) or section 51 of the Kerala Municipality Act, 1994 (20 of 1994), as the case may be, shall give due regard to the proposals envisaged in the Plans prepared under this Act.

76. Government Departments and other authorities to take into account Plans prepared under this Act while drawing up projects.— The Plans prepared under this Act shall be duly considered by the Government Departments, the State Planning Board, the District Planning Committee, Local Self Government Institutions and the Development Agencies while drawing up projects for implementation.

77. Power to acquire land, under the Land Acquisition Act, in force.— Any land required, reserved or designated in a Plan under this Act, shall be deemed to be a land needed for a public purpose within the meaning of the Land Acquisition Act in force, and may be acquired by the Government on request by the District Planning Committee, the Metropolitan Planning Committee, the Municipal Corporation, the Municipal Council, the Town Panchayat or the Village Panchayat, as the case may be, or by any Development Authorities constituted under this Act or Government Departments or Quasi-Government Agencies.

78. Acquisition of property for implementation of Plans.- A Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council, Town Panchayat or Village Panchayat or Development Authority may acquire any movable or immovable property by purchase, exchange, gift, lease, mortgage, negotiated purchase or by any other method permissible under any law, for the purpose of the implementation of a Plan under this Act.

79. Transfer of Government land to the Local Self Government Institutions. The Government may, by order and on such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon between the Government and a Local Self Government Institution, place at the disposal of that Local Self Government Institution, any developed or undeveloped Government land situated within their jurisdiction for the purpose of development in accordance with the Plan under this Act.

80. Acquisition of land by way of according Transferable Development Right.— A Development Authority, Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council, Town Panchayat or Village Panchayat may, with the consent of the owner, acquire land for public purposes by way of according Transferable Development Right through issue of Development Right Certificate, to be registered, in lieu of payment towards the cost of land in such manner as may be prescribed:

Provided that the Transferable Development Right expressed in terms of area of total permissible built-up space calculated on the basis of Floor Area Ratio permissible for the concerned land, is utilised as additional built-up space over and above the permissible built-up space by the owner who may use it by himself or transfer it to any other person in full or in part from the present location for use in areas earmarked for the purpose in the Master Plan or the Detailed Town Planning Scheme.

81. Acquisition of land and built-up space by way of accommodation Reservation .A Development Authority, Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council, Town Panchayat or Village Panchayat may, with the consent of the owner, and in the manner prescribed, acquire sand and built-up space for public purposes, indicated in a sanctioned Master Plan or Detailed Town Planning Scheme, by way of accommodation reservation, by permitting in the form of built-up space

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