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(b) reservation, acquisition or allotment of land in the Scheme area, with general indication of the uses as contained in the Master Plan or Detailed Town Planning Scheme, if any, in force in the area and the terms and conditions, if any, subject to which, such land is to be put to that use;

(c) the laying out or relaying out of the land either vacant or already built upon;

(d) the extent to which it is proposed to alter the boundaries of the original plots in accordance with the proposed Land Pooling Scheme as the reconstituted final plots;

(e) an estimate of the total cost of the Land Pooling Scheme, the net cost to be borne by the Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council, Town Panchayat or Village Panchayat concerned and the period within which the scheme is proposed to be implemented;

(f) proposals for natural hazard prone areas, the imposition of conditions and restrictions in regard to the open space to be maintained about buildings, the percentage of building area for a plot, the number, height and character of buildings allowed in specified areas, the purposes for which buildings or specified areas may or may not be used, the sub-division of plots, the discontinuance of objectionable uses of land in any area in reasonable periods, parking space, and the size of projections and advertisement signs.

73. Reconstitution of original plots into final plots.-(1) In a Land Pooling Scheme, for reconstituting the plots, the size and shape of every reconstituted plot shall be determined, so far as may be, to render it suitable for building purposes, and, where a plot is already built upon, to ensure that the buildings, as far as possible, comply with the provisions of the Land Pooling Scheme.

(2) For the purpose of sub-section (1), the Land Pooling Scheme may also contain proposals,

(a) to form a final plot by reconstitution of an original plot, by alteration of the boundaries of the original plot, if necessary;

(b) to form a reconstituted final plot from an original plot, by transfer wholly or partly from the adjoining lands;

(c) to allot a reconstituted final plot to any owner dispossessed of land, in furtherance of the objectives of the Land Pooling Scheme;

(d) to transfer the ownership of an original plot from one person to another;

(e) to provide, with the consent of the owners, that two or more original plots, each of which is held in ownership severally or jointly, shall after reconstitution, with or without alteration of boundaries, be held in ownership in common as a reconstituted plot;

(f) for assigning roles and responsibilities of the owners of the land and building, and also of various agencies involved in providing infrastructure; and

(g) the procedure to be adopted, in cases where a minority of the land owners object to the implementation of the scheme.

Note:— For the purpose of this section, the term "original plot" shall mean the plot originally used for reconstitution in a Land Pooling Scheme and the term "final plot" shall mean the plot which is allotted to the owner in lieu of original plots.

74. Preparation, publication and sanction of Land Pooling Scheme. — (1) The Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council, Town Panchayat or Village Panchayat may, through a resolution, decide to prepare a Land Pooling Scheme in respect of any part of the area within its jurisdiction.

(2) The procedure to be followed for the preparation, publication and sanction of the Land Pooling Scheme shall be as may be prescribed.

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