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niences etc., disposal of sewage, solid waste;

(q) construction, reconstruction, alteration, improvement and maintenance of public roads and streets, bridges, pedestrian facilities, safe path for the cycle-riding, parking facilities, transport terminals including bus depots, bus bays, bus stops, street lighting and avenue plantation, improvement of road junctions;

(r) provision of public transportation including mass transportation;

(s) provision of communication facilities;

(t) informal sectors;

(u) provision of burial and cremation grounds, and slaughter houses;

(v) demolition of buildings or portions of building causing obstructs development and developmental activities, closure or demolition of dwellings and portions of dwellings unfit for human habitation;

(w) acquisition of land by purchase, lease or otherwise and erection thereon of such buildings or carrying out such operations as may be necessary for the purposes of its functions; and

(x) such other matters not inconsistent with the objects of this Act, as may be considered necessary.

(2) Every Detailed Town Planning Scheme shall contain details, as far as may be applicable, in respect of,—

(a) land assembly over which the Detailed Town Planning Scheme is to be implemented;

(b) layout plan and other relevant drawings and details including, if necessary, the imposition of conditions and restrictions in regard to the open space to be maintained about buildings, the number, and character of buildings allowed in specified areas, the purposes for which buildings or specified areas may or may not be appropriated, the subdivision of plots, the discontinuance of objectionable uses of land in any area in reasonable periods, floor area ratio, coverage, height, parking space, the size of projections and advertisement signs and hoardings;

(c) total estimated cost, source of funding, cost recovery statement, if any;

(d) manner of disposal of assets, if any; (e) management and maintenance mechanism; and

(f) any other matters as may be considered necessary for ensuring planned development.

46. Procedure for preparation, publication and sanctioning of Detailed Town Planning Scheme.- (1) A Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council, Town Panchayat or Village Panchayat may, at any time, by resolution, decide to prepare or adopt a Detailed Town Planning Scheme and shall notify the intention of the same, in the Official Gazette and in at least one newspaper having wide circulation in the prescribed manner and such notification shall state the boundaries of the planning area and the purpose for which such Plan is intended to be prepared.

(2) Every Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council, Town Panchayat or Village Panchayat shall, in consultation with the Department of Town and Country Planning of the Government having jurisdiction over the area and other Government Departments and agencies, prepare or get prepared a draft Detailed Town Planning Scheme for the planning area within two years from the date of notification in the Official Gazette of the intention to prepare the Plan under sub-section (1), after reviewing Plans, if any, prepared earlier, duly approve such plan through resolution of the Council, and publish the draft Detailed Town Planning Scheme in the website and the notice of publication

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