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(e) existing land use.

(3) In particular, the Master Plan shall provide for current issues, prospects and proposals regarding all or any of the following, namely:

(i) economic base and employment in sectors like agriculture, trade, commerce and industries in both formal and informal sectors;

(ii) hierarchy of commercial areas, dispersal of commercial activities and related issues;

(iii) dispersal of industries and restriction on specific type of industries in both formal and informal sectors;

(iv) population assignment, space requirement for various activities and designating the use of land for such purposes;

(v) housing, including affordable housing, informal sector housing, resettlement strategy and slum upgradation;

(vi) educational facilities, including specialised education and research centres, health facilities, including specialized hospitals, cultural and religious facilities, public and semi-public institutions;

(vii) system of open space, play fields and recreation areas, conservation areas, ecologically and environmentally sensitive areas, natural hazard prone areas and public gathering grounds;

(viii) transportation covering roads, railways, waterways, pedestrian-pathways and related activity centres, parking and terminal facilities, mass transportation system and its integration with activity nodes, integration of land use with activity nodes and land use pattern, airport and seaport etc.;

(ix) utilities and services such as water supply, drainage, sewerage, solid waste management, energy, communication, fire protection, cremation and burial grounds, slaughter houses etc.;

(x) tourism, environmental conservation, heritage, coastal area development and the like; and

(xi) proposals for Transferable Development Rights, Accommodation Reservation, Land Pooling Schemes or any other similar technique for promoting planned development;

(xii) development control regulations for promoting and regulating the use and development of land including regulations for natural hazard prone areas, imposition of conditions and restrictions in regard to the building line, open space to be maintained about buildings, Floor Area Ratio, coverage, height, number of storeys and character of buildings and density of built-up area allowed in specified area, the use and purpose for which buildings or specified areas of land may or may not be appropriated, the subdivision of plots, the discontinuance of objectionable uses of land in any area in reasonable periods, parking spaces, and the size of projections and advertisement signs and the like; and

(xiii) such other proposals for public purpose as may, from time to time, be approved by the Municipal Corporation, the Municipal Council, the Town Panchayat or the Village Panchayat concerned, or as may be directed by the Government or the District Planning Committee or the Metropolitan Planning Committee, as the case may be, in this behalf.

35. Matters that may be dealt with in the Execution Plan.— The Execution Plan may include the following, namely:

(a) development issues and consolidation of suggestions of grama sabha/ward sabha/ ward committee, as the case may be;

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