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            (2) Dates of payment shall invariably be noted by the Payees in their acknowledgments.

            (3) If a payment Voucher is lost, a certificate of payment prepared and signed by the Secretary and authorization for payment recorded and signed by the President, shall be placed on record. Full particulars of all claims shall be set forth.

            (4) Payments to illiterate persons shall be certified by the Secretary and the thump impression of those persons shall be obtained against their names on the Vouchers concerned.

          43. Accounting of payments. (1) The entry for payments shall be made by credit to the Cash or Bank/Treasury Accounts and:                   (i) In case a liability was earlier taken for the amount of the bill, by debit to the same liability account;

                  (ii) In case, no liability was taken, by debit to the appropriate expenditure account head.

          44. Cancellation of cheques. (1) When a signed cheque is cancelled, it shall be stamped "cancelled". The fact of cancellation shall be noted in red ink over the initials of the drawer of the cheque upon the counterfoil/record slip/transaction sheet available in the cheque book, across the Order of Payment which has been endorsed on the Payment Voucher and in other records prescribed to record the details of cheques issued.

            (2) If a cheque is cancelled before the entry is made in the Bank Book, no further correction is required. However, if the entry for cheque has already been recorded in the Bank Book, the entry should be reversed.

            (3) Cancelled cheques shall be retained with their counterfoils for purpose of audit.

          45. Lost cheques. If a lost cheque is reported to the Panchayat, the Secretary shall issue a 'Stop Payment Order' to the Bank/Treasury and a fresh cheque can be issued to the party after obtaining a certificate from the Bank/Treasury that it has not been paid.

          46. Stale cheques. If cheques are not encashed within the period of their currency and not revalidated, the amount covered by the cheque shall be transferred to a 'Stale Cheque Account creating a liability for the amount and debiting it in the Bank Book. When a fresh cheque is issued, the stale cheques account will be debited. If a Stale Cheque is presented to the Panchayat, It shall be cancelled as per rule 44 (1).

          47. Amount drawn from Bank/Treasury remaining unutilized. Any amount drawn from the Bank/Treasury and remaining unutilised for more than thirty days from the date of drawal shall be remitted back to the Bank/Treasury at the end of every month. It shall be the duty of the Accountant to confirm at the end of each month that the unutilised amounts are fully credited to the Bak/Treasury under the relevant head of account.



          48. Investments. (1) Investments of surplus fund shall be made by the Panchayat as per Rule 4 of the Kerala Panchayat Raj (Investment and Withdrawal of Panchayat Fund) Rules, 1996.

            (2) The amount of every security or investment shall be verified periodically and at least once in every three months by the Secretary.

            (3) No security or other investment shall be written off unless and until it has been disposed of absolutely by sale or otherwise.