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          30. Settlement of claims. All liabilities incurred shall be discharged with the least possible delay.

          31. Record of claim passed for payment. The Accountant shall keep a record of each claim passed for payment detailing the number, date, amount etc.

          32. Advances. All moneys advanced to beneficiary committee conveners, suppliers, contractors, accredited agencies, officials or individuals should be restricted to the amount actually necessary to meet immediate payments and as and when this amount exhausts, it may be adjusted by submitting documents for expenditure incurred. In cases, where the advances are not utilised for the purposes within the specified period, the Secretary shall initiate steps to recover the amount with interest.

          33. Deposits. (1) All deposits received in the form of cash, cheque and demand drafts etc. shall be deposited in the designated Bank/Treasury Account.

            (2) Deposit received otherwise than in cash, cheque or demand drafts shall be kept by the Secretary in safe custody. At the end of every half year a certificate regarding the verification of the balance of such deposits shall be recorded by the Secretary.

            (3) All deposits received shall be entered in the records prescribed for the same.

            (4) Deposits received in cash, cheque or demand drafts shall not be refunded or adjusted to revenue except on the written authorization of the President.

          34. Authorization for Allotments and Payments. (1) The President shall authorize all allotments from the Panchayat Fund to the Secretary/Ex officio Secretaries/Implementing Officers.

            (2) All payments excluding those in respect of allotments mentioned in sub rule (1) and Statutory and Mandatory Payments mentioned in sub rule (3) and refunds to be made by the Secretary shall be authorized by the President. Such payments and refunds shall be made in cash, by cheques, demand drafts, banker's cheques or other means such as Electronic Clearing System/Direct Credit to Bank Account of payee etc., with a view to facilitating convenience of payees subject to the rules and orders in force.

            (3) The Secretary shall make all Statutory and Mandatory Payments provided under sub section (2)(A) of section 213 of the Act and other payments ordered by the Government irrespective of authorization by the President.

            (4) Cash payments shall be avoided to the extent possible. However, if need arises, cash payments shall be limited to one thousand to each payee from a bill.

            (5) All payments to employees shall, as far as possible, be made through direct transfer to the Bank Accounts of the employees.

          35. Requirement of Signature. (1) No money shall be paid on a Payment Voucher or Pay Order signed with rubber or facsimile stamp. When the acquittance on a Voucher is given by a mark or seal or thumb impression, it shall be attested by a known person or an officer not below the rank of Gazetted cadre.

            (2) Claims mentioned below which are affixed with the facsimile signature of the Authorised officer, may be accepted for payment, if otherwise in order:

                  (i) Telephone Bills

                  (ii) Bills for water charges and;

                  (iii) Electricity Bills.