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              (5) The actual balance in the Bank/Treasury Accounts as per the Monthly Statements of Account obtained from the Bank/Treasury shall be compared and reconciled with the Bank Book balance at the end of every month.

          Note. Where books of accounts are maintained manually, the Cash Book and Bank Book shall be maintained in the same register, with separate columns for cash and each bank account. When the accounting process is computerised, the Cash Book and each Bank Book shall be maintained separately. The daily printouts of the Cash Book and Bank Book shall be taken, verified and signed by the Secretary at the end of each day until the electronic storage system becomes fully operational.

          7. Journal Book. (1) All entries which do not involve cash or Bank/Treasury Accounts shall be recorded in the Journal Book, appropriately identifying the account heads to be debited and credited in respect of each transaction.

            (2) The Journal Book shall be maintained by the Accountant

          8. General Ledger. (1) The General Ledger shall be maintained by the Accountant, with separate folios for each head of account.

            (2) At the end of every day the transactions recorded in the Cash Book, Bank Book and Journal Book shall be posted to the appropriate ledgers.

          9. Sub Ledger. Sub Ledger may be maintained for any account in the General Ledger identified as Control Account, for detailed information, for example, contractors, suppliers, etc. The Sub-Ledger shall be maintained in the same form as the General Ledger.

          10. Vouchers. (1) Every financial transaction of the Panchayat shall be entered in a Voucher and the type of Voucher to be used shall depend on the nature of the transaction.

            (2) All Vouchers shall be prepared by or under supervision of the Accountant and shall be used as the covering sheet for all supporting documents which form the basis of authorization of transaction.

            (3) Vouchers shall be numbered separately for each type and shall be distinctly coded for each Fund as referred to in rule 13. The Voucher numbering shall begin afresh every year.

            (4) In order to maintain the number series of Vouchers, a running serial number list shall be maintained for each Voucher type, for each Fund, for each year.

            (5) A single Voucher shall have multiple account heads but shall record transactions only in respect of one Fund.

          11. Corrections in Accounts. (1)Any correction to an entry made in the books of accounts shall be authorised by the Secretary, and effected only through another rectification entry. A Journal Voucher shall be used to effect the same.

            (2) Any correction or alteration to an entry in the forms or registers maintained in the manual process shall be made in red ink (a single line being drawn through the original entry to be corrected) and attested by the dated initials of the Secretary.

            (3) All corrections and alterations to bills/claims and Vouchers shall be similarly attested by the Officer drawing the bill or person preferring the claim, while those in the pay orders shall be similarly attested by the officer signing them. No erasures shall be made and no document with an erasure shall be accepted.

            (4) No corrections or alteration in the figures in the Receipts shall be made and whenever errors occur in writing up of Receipts, all such Receipts shall be cancelled and preserved.