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(vi) to submit periodical reports.

(2) (i) Not withstanding anything contained in these rules and with due regard to the conservation of buildings, precincts and natural features of heritage value, the commission shall have powers to recommend to permit or recommend to decline land developments, uses and constructions including additions, alterations and demolitions etc., within the areas identified or advised by the commission as having heritage value;

(ii) The Panchayat shall seek such recommendations of the commission, and the recommendations of the commission shall be binding to the Panchayat including any particular architectural or aesthetic form of construction in the case of land developments and constructions in such areas.


147. Secretary to submit report.- (1) Secretary shall submit to Government every three months, report with respect to the following:

(i) total number of applications for building permit received during the period;

(ii) total number of applications on which building permit was issued and or refused;

(iii) details of applications in which decision was not taken within 30 days or 14 days as the case may be, from the date of receipt and the reasons thereof;

(iv) details of applications referred to the Panchayat, by the applicant;

(v) total number of applications received for regularisation of unauthorised or deviated constructions;

(vi) total number of applications for regularisation disposed of specifying the number of applications sanctioned and or refused; if refused, details of further action taken;

(vii) number of applications for regularisation pending disposal; (viii) total number of illegal constructions detected and action taken thereon; and

(ix) details of Government directions received and action taken thereon. (2) Government shall, after considering the report, take action as they deem proper.

148. Vigilance Squad.- (1) There shall be a vigilance squad in every District to detect, prevent and report on the illegal construction.

(2) Deputy Director, Panchayat having jurisdiction in the District, Town Planner in the Town and Country Planning Department having jurisdiction in the District (convenor) and the Secretary of Panchayat concerned and the officer or officers who may be nominated by the Government form time to time shall form the squad.

(2a) The district Police officer shall render all assistance to the squad, if so requested for discharging their duty. dal (3) The vigilance squad shall send detailed report to Government regarding all the illegal constructions detected together with a description of the action taken thereon within a week.

(4) Government may also authorise any officer(s) to perform the functions entrusted to the Squad. Such officer(s) may also inspect site, verify records and/or conduct such enquiries as required and furnish report to the government. Such officer(s) may, at the time of inspection, inform the secretary, in writing, the major violations noted.

149. Stoppage of dangerous or defective work. - (1) Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules, the Secretary may, at any time stop the construction or reconstruction or alteration of any building, if in his opinion, the work in progress endangers human life.