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(7) The period of the permit shall be extended for a further period of one year if an application for the same is submitted to the Secretary, within the valid period of the permit.

(8) The application for extension of the period of permit shall be submitted in white paper, typed or written in ink, affixed with necessary court fee stamp; along with original permit.

(9) No application fee shall be necessary for extension of period of permit but fee for extension shall be equal to fifty percent of the fee for original permit in force at the time of extension.

131. Completion Certificate. - (1) After completion of the work of telecommuni- cation tower or pole structures and accessory rooms as per permit, the applicant and the engineer shall submit to the Secretary completion certificates in as in Appendix E and Appendix F respectively, along with a certificate of structural safety/ stability of the tower and the building, if the tower or pole is constructed over building; issued by an engineer registered under these rules; having Post - Graduate Degree in Structural Engineering or Head of the Department concerned of any government or quasi government institutions offering post graduate degree in Structural Engineering.

(2) The Secretary shall if satisfied that the work has been completed as per permit, issue use certificate as in Appendix Hallotting a number, included in a different series from that allotted to building, on the basis of which the authorities concerned may allow power connection etc. for use of the service.


132. Provisions for huts and certain other constructions.- Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules, provisions in this Chapter shall apply to the following constructions or reconstructions or additions or alterations and development or redevelopment of land pertaining to; (i) Huts; mentioned in Rule 10 item (xii)

[(ii) Single family residential buildings in Category II Village Panchayats under Group A1-Residential occupancy with total built-up area on all floors up to [100 sq. metres including the existing] and proposed within the plot, with number of storeys limited to two].

[x x x]

133. Permit not necessary.- (1) For buildings as stipulated in Rule 132, permit as per these rules is not necessary:

Provided that the owner shall intimate details of works to the Secretary in the proforma prescribed in Appendix A2 at least ten days before the commencement of such works.

(2) The Secretary shall communicate objections if any in the matter to the owner within ten days of receipt of the intimation in the prescribed form.

(3) The owner shall ensure that such construction or reconstruction or addition or alteration shall:

(i) conform to the provisions contained in Rule 26;