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120. Provisions regarding F.A.R. and height. The provisions regarding F.A.R., coverage, height restriction with regard to width of road and distance from the boundary abutting road, distance from the central line of road and dimensions of parts of building shall not apply to telecommunication towers or pole structures or accessory rooms such as equipment rooms, shelters or generator rooms;

Provided that the height of the telecommunication towers or pole structure or accessory rooms, including the height of the building if they are proposed over a building, shall be restricted as stipulated in sub-rule (2) of Rule 36.

Provided further that additional distance from the boundary abutting the road and other boundaries of the plot proportionate to increase in height shall not be necessary for the telecommunication tower or pole structure or accessory rooms or for the building over which they are proposed.

121. Accessory rooms.- (1) Accessory rooms such as equipment rooms, shelters or generator rooms essential for the service shall be permitted along with a telecommunication tower or telecommunication pole structures or separately, if a request is made in the application and plans/drawings of rooms are attached either along with the application for permit or separately.

(2) The cabin may be made with any material but the area of such cabin shall not exceed 15 sq. metres.

(3) Installation of electricity generator may be allowed if the generator is covered with insulated sound-proof cabin.

(4) Every construction or installation, ancillary or necessary for the telecommunication system shall conform to the relevant rules applicable to such construction or installation and licence or permit required under such rules shall also be obtained.

(5) The telecommunication tower or ancillary structures shall not prevent or block the access, exit or reduce the width of such access, exit or entry of building or in no way badly affect the safety measures or amenities provided in the building in which it is erected.

122. Electrical line clearance. Every tower or ancillary construction shall satisfy the minimum vertical and horizontal clearance from electrical lines as stipulated in the *Indian Electricity Act, 1910 and Indian Electricity Rules, 1956 as amended from time to time and also any regulation issued by the State Electricity Board.

123. Protective Wall.- (1) Every tower erected on the ground and through which electric power is transmitted or passed shall be provided with protective wall or grill at a minimum distance of one metre from any point of the base.

(2) The wall or grill shall have a minimum of 1.20 metres height and shall be kept under lock and key, if provided with door.

124. Protection from lightning.— Every telecommunication tower shall be provided with sufficient protection against lightning, conforming to I.S.2303-1969-Code of Practice, as amended from time to time.

125. Warning lights and colour specifications.- (1) Every telecommunication tower shall be provided with two Aviation Warning Lights (ANL) each at 40 metres and 70 metres height from the ground level and one at the top, the two lights at 40 metres height shall be fixed in one set of opposite corners and that at 70 metres height shall be fixed at the other set of opposite corners.

(2) Every telecommunication tower shall be painted with international orange and international white colours alternatively each with 5 metres band, starting with international orange at the top.