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(i) ensure that the construction is carried out as per the approved plans, specifications and structural design;

(ii) take adequate safety precautions at all stages of construction or reconstruction or addition or alteration or repair or demolition or removal of the various parts of the building for safeguarding the life of workers and public against hazards consequent on any aspect of the work;

(iii) ensure that all protective works carried out to safeguard the adjoining properties during construction are sufficient and in good order to ensure safety;

(iv) ensure at every stage of construction, that the quality of construction and materials used for construction is as per the specifications for that work;.

(v) ensure that the debris, construction wastes or materials are safely and clearly disposed.

117. Display of the details of the permit etc.-(1) For the entire period of construction, the owner shall display the details of the building permit near the entrance to the site in a board of size not less than 100 centimetres X 75 centimetres. The details to be displayed include the date and number of building permit, name and address of the owner and developer with phone number, the occupancy group of the building, the number of floors, Coverage, FAR, area earmarked for parking in sq.metres, the use in each floor.

(2) Prior to commencement of the construction, all sides of the plot shall be covered with protective fencing and screen to ensure safety and convenience in the adjoining properties. Such protective fencing and screen shall be retained throughout the construction period.

(3) Adequate safety measures as in PART VII CONSTRUCTIONAL PRACTICES AND SAFETY in National Building Code of India, 2005 shall be ensured by the owner and the developer for protection against damage to health, life, buildings and property of the inhabitants around, during and after building construction and land development. The owner and the developer shall be solely responsible for any such damages.


118. Essentiality of permit.— No person shall erect or re-erect any non-governmental telecommunication tower or telecommunication pole structures or accessory rooms or make alteration or cause the same to be done without first obtaining a separate permit for each such tower or telecommunication pole structure from the Secretary.

119. Distance from road and boundaries.- (1) The base of the tower or poles shall have minimum 3 metres horizontal distance from the plot boundary abutting the road, whether it is proposed on land or over a building, even if the building is having less than 3 metres distance: Provided that the minimum distance from road boundary of the accessory rooms such as equipment rooms, shelters, or generator rooms proposed shall be that applicable for a commercial building.

(2) In addition to the distance specified under sub-rule (1), set back required for road widening proposed in any Town Planning Scheme shall also be provided.

(3) Minimum horizontal distance from other boundaries of the plot to the base of the telecommunication tower or pole structure or accessory rooms shall be minimum 3 m.

Provided that, if the telecommunication tower or pole structures or accessory rooms are proposed over a building, the distance from the boundaries other than that abutting a road to the base of the tower shall be that applicable for a commercial building.

Provided also that no portion of the telecommunication tower pole structure or accessory room shall project or over hang in to the neighbouring plots.