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(3) In case a group of buildings are to be constructed within any plot belonging to the same owner or by different owners of adjoining lands jointly, the area of the land remaining after accounting for the mandatory front, rear and side yards from the boundary of the plot shall be considered as buildable area of the plot where the buildings may be constructed subject to the conditions regarding floor area ratio, coverage, access, light and ventilation etc. for the whole plot, distance between the various blocks within this area shall be a minimum of 5 metres.

(4) Adequate passageway and clearances required for fire fighting vehicles to enter the premises shall be provided at the main entrance; the width of such entrance shall be not less than 7[5 metres ] or as stipulated elsewhere in these rules, whichever is higher. If an arch or covered gate is constructed, it shall have a clear head room of not less than 5 metres.

113. Lifts for Residential apartments - Every high-rise residential apartment having more than 16 dwelling units shall be provided with at least one lift capable of carrying a stretcher.

114. Parapets to terrace floor.- Where access is provided to the terrace floor, the edges of the terrace floor shall be provided with parapet walls which shall be made of stable material to a height of not less than 1.20 metres.

115. Structural design.- (1) Application for construction or reconstruction or addition or alteration of any high rise building shall be accompanied by one set of structural design including that regarding seismic forces as per the provisions contained in the National Building Code of India as amended from time to time and drawings and structural stability certificate prepared and issued by an engineer registered under these rules; having Post-Graduate Degree in Structural Engineering or Head of the Department concerned of any government or quasi government institutions offering post graduate degree in Structural Engineering.

(2) After completion of the work of the building(s), the applicant and the engineer shall submit to the Secretary a certificate of structural safety/stability of the building, issued by an engineer registered under these rules having Post - Graduate Degree in Structural Engineering or Head of the Department concerned of any government or quasi government institution offering post graduate degree in Structural Engineering; along with completion certificates as in Appendix E and Appendix F respectively.

116. Site supervision.- (1) The owner shall appoint a person, registered or deemed to have been registered under the provisions of Chapter XXIII, competent to supervise such works as per Appendix L of these rules, as full time supervising professional at the site, from the commencement to completion of the work. Such person shall have a minimum of 3 years experience in supervising works of similar nature:

Provided that, no activities shall be undertaken at the site in the absence of such site supervising professional.

(2) The owner shall intimate the secretary, the details of the appointed supervising professional including his/her date of appointment, photo identity proof and proof of experience along with a copy of the acceptance of appointment duly signed by the supervising professional.

The owner shall also intimate the secretary in writing about replacement, if any, of such supervising professional together with all details specified above without any delay:

Provided that if the work is executed through any person(s) or agency/agencies like developer, the responsibility of appointment of supervising professional as stipulated in this rule shall be vested with such person(s) or agency/agencies.

(3) The supervising professional shall: