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83. Certain buildings and sheds exempted. — Any building constructed or used or intended to be constructed or used exclusively for the purposes of a plant house or metre house, not being a dwelling house and sheds for keeping fuel or firewood for the domestic use of its owner or for keeping agricultural Implements, tools, rubbish or other materials or for watching crops or kennel for keeping not more than six dogs or cattle shed for keeping not more than six cattle and their calves/or cagelaviary for keeping more than twenty hens or ducks shall be exempted from the provisions of these rules.

Provided that such building or shed shall have maximum one metre set back from the nearest boundaries and may abut the main building.

84. Accessory building'. - '(1) Construction or accessory buildings such as bathrooms, toilets, storehouses, cattle sheds, Kennels and cages or cabin for watch and ward shall be permitted in the open space of the main building, if the open space available is sufficient for such construction:

Provided that area of such structures shall be limited to fifteen percent of the open space.

(2) The height of the structure or cabin shall be limited to 2.5 metres.

(3) The distance from the boundary abutting the road to the accessory building shall be equal to that necessary for a single storeyed residential building

4) The accessory building shall be at a minimum 1.00 metre distance from the boundaries: Provided that it may abut the main building. 85. Wells.- No leach pit, sock pit, refuse pit, earth closet or septic tank shall be allowed or made within a distance of 7.5. metres radius from any existing well used for supply of water for human consumption or domestic purpose or within 1.20 metres distance from the plot boundaries.

86. Certain provisions not to apply.- Provisions regarding floor area ratio shall not apply to the constructions under this chapter.


87. Prohibition of commencement of work.— The construction or reconstruction of any wall or fence of whatever height bounding or abutting on any street, public property or public water course shall not be started unless and until the Secretary has granted permission for the execution of the work. Provided that any gate or grill or door or other structure shall not open or project in to the adjacent property or street.

88. Submission and disposal of application.- (1) An application to construct or reconstruct a wall or fence shall be submitted in white paper, typed or written in ink and affixed with necessary court fee stamp.

(2) Application shall contain documents to prove ownership and site plan

(3) The site plan shall clearly show all buildings and structures in the plot and all the streets, paths, lanes abutting or leading to the plot and also a description of the materials used for the work.

(4) Application fee shall be paid as in Schedule-I.

(5) The Secretary shall, if convinced of the plan and drawings and genuineness of the ownership, issue permit within 30 days from the date of receipt of the application.