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abutting the road, car parking dimension with regard to building parts, light and ventilation shall not apply to buildings under this Chapter

66. Row buildings to be allowed on declared streets.- The Secretary shall permit the construction or reconstruction of row buildings under Group A1 Residential occupancy only on the sides or part of a side or sides of any street or in any area, where the Panchayat has by declaration published or decided to allow row buildings.

67. Number of units that can be permitted. - The number of dwelling units in a continuous row of buildings shall not exceed ten.

Note.- A row building with separate entry and/or exit and separated by common wall from other row buildings abutting it shall be deemed to be one unit for this purpose.

'68. Plot Area.'-' The area of plot for one unit shall not exceed 85 sq.m. '

69. Distance from street, etc'''''''. — The minimum distance between the plot boundary abutting any street other than National Highways, State Highways, District roads and other roads notified by the Panchayat and the building other than compound wall or fence or out door display structure shall be 1.5 metre.

70. Maximum floors. The maximum number of floors permitted shall be two and a staircase room.

71. Certain provisions not to apply.- Provisions regarding F.A.R., coverage, distance from central line of road, access width, height restriction with regard to width of road and the yard abutting the road dimensions of building parts, light and ventilation and parking contained in these rules shall not be applicable to row buildings.


72. Provision for constructions under Schemes for economically weaker sections.Provisions in this chapter shall apply to construction or reconstruction or addition or alteration of any building under any Scheme for housing the economically weaker sections; other than in tribal areas and financed or built by Government, Panchayat, Housing Board, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Development Corporation, Fisherman Welfare Corporation, Matsyafed, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Development Department, Social Welfare Department or any Government Department, Quasi-Government Agency, or Housing Co-operative Societies or Non Governmental Organizations operating in on a noncommercial basis:

Provided that in the case of such constructions by Housing Co-operative Societies or Non Governmental Organizations, the prior approval of the Panchayat shall be obtained specifically for consideration of the scheme under this chapter. The Panchayat shall ensure that such scheme is intended for and occupied on completion by the economically weaker sections only. Note.- The provisions in this chapter shall also apply to buildings financed or built by the Panchayat at any level to its beneficiaries.

'73. Area and floor restrictions.- (1) Total plinth area of each dwelling unit shall not exceed 60 sq. metre. (2) Number of floors of a building shall be limited to two and a staircase room.