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Provided that, the minimum open yard mandated above shall not be made applicable for insisting setbacks between the gravestone/graveyard and any building, both within the plot, if the plot is partly or fully used for burial purpose.

(4) The minimum clear width of access to a building as well as the width of the street giving access to the plot from the main street shall be 7 metres and shall be motorable:

Provided that, in the case of vault crematoria or burial grounds, the width shall not be less than 3 metres and shall be motorable..

Provided further that, in the case of Type C magazines as per the provisions contained in the Explosives Rules, 2008, such width shall not be less than 3.6 metres.

(5) Where the internal drainage system from a building under hazardous occupancy is proposed to be connected to the public drainage system, prior approval of the arrangements shall be obtained from the Pollution Control Board and Water Authority and in such cases the internal drainage system shall be connected by means of a suitable trap so as to exclude volatile or other objectionable matters.

(6) In the case of buildings under hazardous occupancy, a certificate of approval from the Director of Fire Force or an officer authorised by him in this behalf shall be obtained and produced before issuing building permit.

(7) All other requirements in respect of fire protection in hazardous including warehousing buildings shall conform to Part IV, Fire and Life Safety, National Building Code of India, 2005 and amendment No.3.

(8) The minimum sanitation facilities to be provided in hazardous buildings shall be as shown below.

(a) at the rate of one water closet for the first 50 males or part thereof and two water closets for the first 50 females or part thereof and there after one water closet for every additional 70 persons or part thereof, males or females;

(b) at the rate of one urinal for every 100 males or part thereof;

(c) at the rate of one drinking water fountain for every 100 persons or part thereof;

(d) at the rate of one washing facility for 50 persons or part thereof; and

(e) the number of sanitation facilities like water closet, urinal, etc. to be provided shall in no case be less than as computed at the rate of one person for every 30 sq. metres of the gross floor area of the building.

Note:- In cases where the total number of workers does not exceed five, at least one water closet shall be provided.

(9) The Secretary shall, after considering the width of roads, traffic generated, location with respect to points of intersections and nearness to occupancies of educational, assembly, mercantile, storage and hazardous uses, in consultation with the District Collector and Chief Town Planner decide the location of automobile fuel filling stations and their layout.

(10) The location and construction of petrol tank and vent-pipe, shall be governed by the provisions of the Petroleum Rules, 1976..

(11) The retail dispensing unit of an automobile fuel filling station shall be installed at a distance of 7.5m from any point of the marked boundary of its premises.

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