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Rule 60

room construction, the number of workers employed in any work area and the comfort conditions available through installation of mechanical ventilation or air conditioning system:

Provided that the height of any work room shall not be less than 3.6 metres measured from the floor level to the lowest point in the ceiling.

(8) Height of office, laboratory, entrance hall, canteen, cloak room etc. shall not be less than 3 metres.

(9) In the case of store rooms and toilets, the height shall not be less than 2.4 metres.

(10) Where the internal drainage system of a factory is proposed to be connected to the public sewerage system, prior approval of the arrangements shall be obtained from the Pollution Control Board and the Water Authority and in such cases the internal drainage system of a factory shall be connected by means of a suitable tap so as to exclude volatile or other objectionable matters.

(11) The industrial sewage effluents, if proposed to be discharged into nearby water bodies such as rivers, lakes, canals or sea, the dilution of such waste shall be such that the water bodies are not polluted. Such effluents shall be got tested as to its harmlessness to the satisfaction of the Pollution Control Board and as per the standards prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards for treatment of industrial waste and effluents. The approval of Pollution Control Board shall be obtained in all cases.

(11a) In the case of industrial occupancy buildings, irrespective of their number of floors, a certificate of approval from the Director of Fire Force or an officer authorised by him in this behalf shall be obtained and produced for issuing building permit.

(12) All requirements in respect of fire protection in industrial buildings shall conform to Part IV, Fire and Life safety, National Building Code of India, 2005.

(13) The minimum sanitation facilities to be provided for industrial occupancy building shall be as described in Table 6 given in sub-rule (6) of Rule 56. 60. Group H - Storage and Warehousing Occupancy.-(1) The provisions in this rule shall apply to storage or warehousing occupancy buildings with total floor area exceeding 300 sq. metres.

(2) Approval of the District Town Planner shall be obtained for usage of plot and lay-out of buildings with total floor area exceeding 3000 sq. metres, but upto 6000 sq. metres and approval of the Chief Town Planner shall be obtained for the usage of plot and lay-out of buildings with total floor area exceeding 6000 sq. metres:

Provided that, if the area is covered under any Town Planning Scheme, the usage of plot shall conform to the provisions contained in that scheme.

(3) All buildings under storage and ware housing occupancy with more than 300 sq. metres floor area shall have the minimum open yards (spaces ) as shown below:

(i) Front yard - Average 6 metres with minimum 4.5 metres

(ii) Side yard (each side) - Average 2 metres with minimum 1.5 metres

(iii) Rear yard- Average 3.00 metres with minimum 1.5 metres:

Provided that where more than one building is proposed to be constructed in the same plot, it shall suffice if the open space under this sub rule are provided from the plot boundaries with open yard (spaces) between two buildings not less than 2 metres for buildings upto 10 metres height:

Provided further that when the height of building exceeds 10m. the open yard (space) from the boundaries and that in between buildings shall be increased at the rate of 50cm for every 3m. increase in height or part thereof subject to a maximum of 16 metres.

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