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(10) All requirements in respect of fire protection in assembly buildings shall conform to Part VI, Fire and Life Safety, National Building Code of India, 2005 and Amendment No.3.

(11) In the case of cinema theatres, the construction shall also conform to the provisions of the Kerala Cinemas (Regulation) Act, 1958 and the rules made thereunder as amended from time to time and IS 4878-1968 bye laws for construction of cinema buildings.

(11a) In the case of alteration to existing authorized cinema hall(s)/theatre(s) into multiple screens without increasing the total seating capacity, and if such internal alteration includes only structures relating to fixing of cinema screen(s) and interior partitioning, the Secretary shall permit such internal changes of the building, subject to the following conditions:

(i) the available coverage, total built-up area on all floors, total seating capacity and height of existing building shall not be exceeded;

(ii) the available off-street parking spaces and yards or open spaces or setbacks of existing authorised building shall not be reduced;

(iii) a certificate of approval from Commandant General, Fire and Rescue Services Department or an officer authorized by him in this behalf shall be obtained and produced before the Secretary for issuing permit; and

(iv) Provisions contained in Rule 115 and 116 of these Rules shall apply irrespective of whether the building is a high rise building or not: Provided that works as specified in item (i) to (x) of Rule 10, for which permit is not necessary, may also be carried out along with such alteration:

Provided further that the provisions of this sub-rule are applicable to only those existing authorized cinema hall/buildings which are to be used exclusively for showing films.]

Provided that in the case of addition, alteration, reconstruction or change in occupancy of the existing cinema theatres whether having existing valid licence or had a valid licence as per the Kerala Cinemas (Regulation) Act, 1958 and the rules made thereunder, building permit shall be issued, only if a cinema theatre having 1/3rd seating capacity of the existing theatre, or 200 seating capacity whichever is higher, is also proposed/retained].

(12) In wedding halls where cooking and dining facilities are provided, proper and adequate arrangements for collection and hygienic disposal of solid and liquid waste shall be ensured to the satisfaction of the Secretary.

(13) Sanitation facilities to be provided in assembly buildings shall be computed at the rate of not less than one person per square metre of carpet area of the building and shall be provided in numbers not less than those stipulated in Table 6 in sub-rule (7) of Rule 56.

(14) The Secretary shall, after considering the access roads, traffic congestion in the locality and in consultation with the Chief Town Planner decide the location of the Transport terminals/ stations like panchayat bus stands or inter state bus terminals etc. and the construction of buildings shall conform to the provisions in these rules.

NOTES TS There is no justification for insistence of production of fire NOC from the fire force regarding the theatre building which is proposed to be constructed by the petitioner. It is not disputed that the petitioner is only proposing to reconstruct an old cinema house and that the proposed building is neither multi

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