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Rule 44

(2) The height of bathroom or latrine shall be not less than 2.20 metres.

44. Stair cases.- (1) Any building having more than four floors including basement or sunken floors, shall have at least two staircases, one of which may be an external stairway:

Provided that when the second staircase provided as external stair way conforms to the provisions of fire escape staircase, a separate fire escape stair need not be provided.

Note.-An external stair is one which is connected to public areas and/or common areas on all floors and leads directly to ground, has at least two sides abutting external wall, these two sides being provided as open or with break open glass and has landing areas accessible from the external side or an external stair which is wholly open and remote from the main building. Such an external stair shall be remote and away from the main stairway.

(2) The minimum width of stair shall not be less than 1.20 metres

(3) The minimum width of tread shall be 30 cm.

(4) The height of the riser shall not exceed 15 cm. .

(5) The height of handrail shall be not less then 90 cm.

(6) The width of passages giving access to the staircase in any building shall not at any point, be less than the width of the stair

(7) The use of spiral staircase shall be limited to low occupant load and buildings upto 9 metres in height unless they are connected to platforms such as balconies and terrace to allow easy exit.

(8) A spiral staircase shall be not less than 1.50 metres in diameter and shall be designed to give adequate headroom.

45. Ramps as substitute for stairways-. If ramps are provided as a substitute for stairways they shall be in accordance with the specifications provided under sub-rule (3) of Rule 104].

46. Corridors, Verandahs and passageways. The clear width of any corridor, verandah or passageway in any building shall not be less than 1.0 metre at any point 47. Fire escape staircase.— (1) Fire escape staircase shall be provided for every building of,—

(a) residential occupancy exceeding three storeys above ground level;

(b) occupancies other than residential exceeding two storeys above ground level.

(2) The width of fire escape staircase shall not be less than 0.75 metre, the width of fire escape stair tread shall not be less than 15 cm, the height of the fire escape stair riser shall not exceed 19 cm, and the number of risers shall not exceed 16 per flight of stairs.

(3) The height of handrail shall not be less than 1 metre.

(4) Fire escape stair shall be constructed only in the exterior of the building and shall be connected directly to the ground.

(5) Fire escape stairs shall have a straight flight.

(6) Entrance to fire escape staircase shall be separated and remote from internal staircase.