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Rule 43

(5) In the case of apartment houses/ flats, 15% of mandatory off-street parking space as in Table 4A shall be provided additionally, earmarked and maintained exclusively to accommodate visitors' parking.

(6) In addition to the parking space as in Table 4B, in the case of Group F - Mercantile or Commercial, 56[Group G1-Low and medium hazard industrial, Group G2-High hazard industrial] and Group H - Storage occupancies, loading and unloading spaces each 30 sq.metres shall be provided within the plot, at the rate of one such space for each 1000 sq.metres of floor area or fraction thereof, exceeding the first 700 sq.metres of floor area.

(7) Not exceeding fifty percent of the mandatory open yard (space) shall be taken into account for calculating the required parking space if such open yard (space) has adequate vehicular access and area for manoeuvring.

(8) The minimum mandatory open spaces around any building(s) as per these rules shall not be sold or let out for parking of vehicles.

(9) Every building or floor for parking shall be provided with ramp having suitable slope, sufficient width and strength and/or lift of sufficient size and strength.

(10) Of the mandatory off-street car parking requirement as per these Rules, fifty percent at the maximum may be provided for mechanised parking, on condition that, the owner/occupant shall ensure proper safety, structural stability and functioning of such mechanised vehicle parking system at all times).

                                                   CHAPTER VI 
                                         PARTS OF BUILDINGS 

39. The provisions in this chapter shall apply to all buildings other than [Group A1] residential buildings with not more than three floors and not more than six dwelling units, unless specified otherwise in these rules.

40. Mezzanine floor.-

(1) The floor area of the mezzanine floor shall not exceed one third area of the main floor or room accommodating the mezzanine floor

(2) The headroom measured from the surface of the floor to any point on the underside of the mezzanine floor shall not be less than 2.20 metres.

41. Height of room.— The height of room in any building other than residential occupancy and livestock/poultry farm under group |(1) hazardous occupancy, shall not be less than 3.00 metres:

Provided that in the case of air conditioned rooms it shall be not less than 2.4 metres.

Provided further that, in the case of floors exclusively used for the parking of cars and two wheelers, it shall not be less than 2.2 metres).

42. Water closet.- Every building shall be provided with at least one water closet.

43. Size of bathroom and latrine.- (1) The area of a bath room shall not be less than 1.50 sq. metres with either side not less than 1.1 metres and the area of a latrine shall not be less than 1.10 sq. metres with one side not less than 1.0 metre:

Provided that the area of a combined bathroom and latrine shall not be less than 2.20 sq. metres with one side not less than 1.10 metres.