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Rule 37

Provided that the access width of any building shall be modified to be in accordance with the provisions in any Town Planning scheme for the area:

Provided further that, in case of a building having multiple occupancy, the whole building shall be treated as being occupied by the most restrictive occupancy for arriving at the access width:

Provided also that in the case of high rise buildings, the minimum width of access shall be the width as stipulated in [Chapter XIX] of these rules.

Provided also that, in the case of Government and aided schools upto higher secondary (including vocational higher secondary) level, the existing access and street shall be sufficient for carrying out the following constructions reconstruction, addition or alteration of building(s) in the plot, namely:

(i) any addition of toilet blocks and other sanitation arrangements;

(ii) other building works without increase in the total floor area of all the buildings put together in the plot prior to carrying out such works.

Provided also that in the case of a plot abutting two independent motorable roads each having width not less than 5 metres, the access width of the plot shall be treated as the sum of the width of both the roads abutting the plot: Provided further that in the case of all new Group B Educational buildings, the minimum width of access required as per Table 3.2 shall be limited to 5 metres: Provided further that, in the case of all existing schools upto the level of Higher Secondary, including Vocational Higher Secondary, if the total floor area of the construction(s) including existing and the proposed, does not exceed 5000 sq. metres, 3.6 metres wide, clear motorable access shall be sufficient, provided fire and rescue operations can be freely executed in exigencies.]

(2) No person shall at any time construct or cause or permit to construct or reconstruct any building which in any way encroaches upon or diminishes the area set apart as access to that building.

(3) No person shall construct a building or undertake construction work on a building, which reduces the access to any building previously existing, below the minimum width required under these rules.

(4) No building shall be constructed so as to deprive any other building of an existing access.

(5) The space so set apart as access shall be separately distinguishable from any house gully or open space required to be provided under any other rule.

(6) Every access shall be drained and lighted to the satisfaction of the Secretary, and manhole covers or other drainage, water or any other fittings laid in such access shall be flush with the finished surface level so as not to obstruct safe travel over the same.

(7) Waterway other than sea routes will be considered as an access to islands as per these Rules, if the following conditions are satisfied:

(a) Waterway which is considered as an access to the island shall be navigable; (b) Road access as per these Rules shall be provided up to the public boat landing/jetty area; (c) Approval shall be obtained from the Fire and Rescue Department.]

38. Parking, Loading and Unloading Spaces.- (1) Area of each off-street parking space provided for parking motor cars shall be not less than 15 sq.metres (5.5 metres x 2.7 metres). The