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Rule 35

Note (2):— For the purpose of these rules, all buildings with total floor area above 700 sq. metres total floor area under uses mentioned in item (h) above shall be included in Group G2— High hazard industrial occupancy.]

(j) Group H.— Storage building shall include any building or part thereof used primarily for the storage or sheltering (including servicing, processing or repairing incidental to storage) of goods, wares or merchandise (except those involving highly combustible or explosive products or materials), vehicles and the like. Warehouses, freight depots, transit sheds, storehouses, garages, hangars, grain elevators, barns and silos are included in this group. Minor storage incidental to other occupancies shall be treated as part of the predominant occupancy.

(l) Group 1.- Hazardous building shall include any building or part of a building which is used for the storage, handling, manufacturing or processing of highly combustible or explosive materials or products which are liable to burn with extreme rapidity and or which may produce poisonous fumes or explosions for storage, handling, manufacturing or processing which involve highly corrosive, toxic or noxious alkalis, acids or other liquids or chemicals producing flame, fumes and explosive, poisonous, irritant or corrosive gases; and for the storage, handling or processing of any material producing explosive mixtures of dust which result in the division of matter into fine particles subject to spontaneous ignition.

Any process or activity, where raw materials used therein or wastes or effluents there of would result in the pollution of the general environment are also included under this group.

Buildings under Group l.— Hazardous occupancy shall generally include buildings and yards used for storage under pressure of more than 1 kg/cm2 and in quantities exceeding 70m3 of acetylene, hydrogen, ammonia, chlorine, phosgene, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, methyl oxide and all gases subject to explosion, fumes or toxic hazard; Godowns or warehouses (combustible/hazardous goods), storage and handling of hazardous and highly inflammable liquids, oil terminals/depots and bulk storage of flammable liquids, crematoria, burial grounds, vaults, garbage dumping yards, abattoirs (slaughter houses), sewage treatment plants except domestic treatment plants, stone crusher units, automobile fuel filling stations, coal, wood and timber yards, saw mills].

35. Coverage and Floor Area Ratio.- (1) The maximum percentage of coverage permissible for each occupancy shall limit the maximum area at any floor of a building. The floor area ratio value shall limit the maximum buildable total floor area. Floor Area Ratio je F.A.R shall be calculated as shown below:

Coverage = maximum built up area at any floor x 100 %

                                              Plot area
F.A.R.     =        Total floor area on all floors 
                                        Plot Area 

(2) The percentage of coverage and the F.A.R value of buildings under different occupancies shall not exceed the maximum specified in Table 2 below: