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Rule 31

Provided further that where the mandatory open space has minimum 1.5 metres depth cornice, roof or weather shade up to 0.75 metre shall be permitted to project and increase in the width of cornice, roof or weather shade shall be permitted corresponding to the increase in the mandatory open space:

Provided further that open flight of steps or ramps meant, as access to upper or lower floors shall be permitted in the side or rear open spaces having a depth not less than 1.20 metres. Such stair, step or ramp shall have a minimum distance of 60 cm from the boundaries, for buildings up to 10 metres height from ground level; and for buildings above 10 metres height the open space shall be increased at the rate of 0.50 metres for every 3 metres height or part thereof:

Provided further that where the ground is below or above street level, either open steps, or ramp or bridge having width not exceeding the minimum access required under these rules or 3 metres whichever is higher shall be permitted from the street, to the building as means of access: Provided also that the underneath of such means of access shall not be enclosed; however pillars may be permitted for its support.

(11) The front, rear and side setbacks for constructions below the ground level (basement floor etc) shall be the same as that required for a 10 metre high building of the same occupancy group constructed above ground level.

28. Minimum distance between central line of a street and building.- (1) The minimum distance between the central line of a street and any building (other than a compound wall or fence or outdoor display structure) shall be 4.50 metres and the minimum distance between the street boundary and building shall be 2 metres for buildings upto 7 metres in height, in roads other than National Highway, State Highway, District Roads and roads notified by Panchayat; and it shall be 3 metres for National Highway, State Highway, District Roads and notified roads; and for buildings more than 7 metres in height the set back shall be minimum 3 metres from the boundary of any street/road.

Provided that in the case of cul-de-sac not exceeding 150 metres length or pedestrian lanes or streets below 3 metres width it shall be sufficient if the distance between the plot boundary abutting the street and building is 1.50 metres for buildings upto 7 metres height irrespective of the distance from the central line of the road to the buildings. We

(2) Any restriction under street alignment or building line or both, if any, fixed for the area and restriction under any Town Planning Scheme or any other rules or byelaws shall also apply simultaneously to all buildings in addition to the provisions contained in sub-rule (1).

(3) The provisions contained in sub-rules (1) and (2) shall apply invariably to all buildings where the front, rear or side yards abut a street or gain access through a street.

[29. X X X]

30. Waste disposal.— There shall be provisions for safe disposal of waste.

31. Development including land sub division and plot development thereof for residential use.- All new developments including land subdivisions, plot developments and pooling of land owned by different owners shall be subject to the following namely: (i) Every plot shall have an average width of not less than 6.00 metres with minimum frontage not less than 4.0 metres; an average depth of not less than 12 metres, and a minimum plot area of 125 square metres: