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Rule 27

Provided that where 2 metres depth cannot be maintained laterally throughout due to the peculiar shape of the plot, it shall suffice if the mean depth is not less than 2 metres with minimum depth at any point not less than 1 metre:

(5) Every building up to 10 metres in height shall have open air space of not less than 1.2 metres width on one of its sides other than the front and rear and not less than 1 metre on the other side:

Provided that in the case of buildings upto 7 metres height, if 1.20 metres open space is available on one side, the open space on the other side can be reduced and can even abut the boundary; and in case the building abuts the boundary or the open space is reduced to less than [75 centimetres] the consent of the owner of the land on that side shall be obtained.

However no openings such as windows, doors etc; shall be permitted if the open space against them is, less than 1 metre. But ventilator openings above a height of 2.10 metres, from the corresponding floor level may be permitted if the open space against them is not less than 75 cm: Provided further that in the case of existing row houses the authority shall permit reconstruction, addition or construction of an upper floor for any of the dwelling units without any side set back on condition that the consent of the neighbouring owner concerned is obtained for the purpose.

(6) Any room intended for human habitation and not abutting on either the front, rear or side open spaces, shall abut on an interior open space whose width shall not be less than 2.5 metres for buildings up to 10 metres height. Provided that in the case of buildings up to 7 metres height it shall be sufficient if such interior open space has a minimum width of 1.5 metres.

(7) The rainwater collected in a site shall not normally be allowed to flow in to the drain. It shall be retained in suitable pits of sufficient size taken within the site in order to allow the water to percolate in to the under ground. The pits shall be covered suitably, and arrangements shall be made to direct the water from all parts of the site in to the pit.

(8) For buildings above 10 metres in height, in addition to the minimum front, rear and side open spaces and the minimum width of interior open space required for height upto 10 metres, there shall be provided increase in such minimum open space at the rate of 0.5 metre for every 3 metres height or part thereof exceeding 10 metres. Such additional set back corresponding to increase in height shall be provided for the whole building from ground level itself [or for the corresponding floors at their level].

(9) No construction or hanging of any sort shall be permitted to project outside the boundaries of the site.

(10) Every open space provided, either interior or exterior shall be kept free from any erection thereon and shall be open to the sky and only cornice, roof or weather shade projections to a maximum width of 0.60 metre shall be permitted. However the width of these projections may be increased as required if the depth of the open space is increased to that extent.

Provided that the projections provided shall be so limited that the width of the remaining open space shall not be less than 0.50 metre: