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Rule 25

in item (i) to (vi) in sub-rule (7)(d) of Rule 22 and the address of the website carrying details under in sub-rule (7)(d) of Rule 22;

(f) The secretary may also publish the details of the permits issued in the website of the Panchayat as required under the direction for public disclosure issued under Section 271B(3) of the Kerala Panchayat Raj Act, 1994;

(g) if any such advertisements are made in contravention to sub-rules (d), (e) and (f) of this rule, the Secretary or the Government may interfere in the matter;

(8) Every owner shall be responsible for the loss or injury caused to any person or property due to the lapse on his part to provide safety precautions or protective measures or safeguards.

23. Duties and responsibilities of Officers concerned.— The officers responsible for approval of plan/specification and issue of permit shall ensure satisfaction of all rules and regulations in force, while issuing permit and approving plan/specification. They shall also ensure that the works are being carried out in accordance with the requirements of these rules. For any approval in violation of rules/regulations & constructions thereon the officers concerned will also be held responsible.

24. Transfer of plots to be intimated.— (1) Every person holding development permit or building permit shall, unless the work is executed in full and development or occupancy certificate obtained, inform the Secretary of every transfer of the whole or part of any property involved in the permit together with the name and address of the transferee and his intention to transfer the permit.

(2) Every person in whose favour any property is transferred along with a development permit or building permit by the transferor shall before commencing or continuing the work obtain permit of the Secretary in writing.

(3) The request for permission to commence or continue work shall be submitted in white paper affixed with necessary court fee stamp, together with document regarding the ownership and possession certificate and fee of Rs.25.

(4) The Secretary shall, if convinced that the transfer will not in any way badly affect the development or construction, issue permission in writing, transferring the permit and allowing the commencement or continuation of the work, within 15 days from the date of receipt of the request.

25. Completion certificate, development certificate and occupancy certificate. -(1) Every owner shall, on completion of the development or redevelopment of land or construction or reconstruction or addition or alteration of building, as per the permit issued to him, submit a completion certificate certified and signed by him, to the Secretary in the form in Appendix E:

Provided that in the case of buildings, other than 24[single residential units up to two floors with total floor area not exceeding 150 sq. metres], the completion certificate shall be certified and signed by the owner and registered Architect or Building Designer or Engineer or Town Planner or Supervisor also as in Appendix F.

(2) The Secretary shall, on receipt of the completion certificate and on being satisfied that the development or redevelopment of land has been effected in conformity with the requirements of these rules, issue a development certificate in the form in Appendix G, not later than 15 days from the date of receipt of the completion certificate:

Provided that if no such development certificate is received within the said fifteen days, the owner may proceed as if such a development certificate has been duly issued to him.