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Rule 22

(5) Every owner shall display the permit and approved drawings in the site in a visible place in a visible manner.

(6) Every owner shall take adequate safety precautions at all stages of construction or reconstruction or addition or alteration or repair or removal of the various parts of the building for safeguarding the life of workers and public against hazards consequent on any aspects of the work.

(7) Every owner shall ensure that all protective works carried out to safeguard the adjoining properties during construction are sufficient and in good order to ensure safety in the following,—

(a) In driven piles vibration is set up which may cause damage to adjoining structures or service lines depending on the nature of soil condition and the construction standard of such structures and service lines. Possible extent of all such damages shall be ascertained in advance, and operation and mode of driving shall be planned with appropriate measures to ensure safety;

(b) Where, in the vicinity of a site where bored or driven piling works are to be carried out there are old structures which are likely to be damaged, tell-tales shall be fixed on such structures to watch their behaviour and timely precautions taken against any undesirable effect;

(c) If the owner engages any developer(s) at any time for the construction, reconstruction, repairs, additions or alterations of buildings or development or redevelopment of land, the same shall be intimated to the Secretary within a week from the date of agreement (executed between the owner and the developer) along with the copy of such agreement by which the owner authorises the developer to undertake construction, reconstruction, repairs, additions or alterations of building(s) or development or redevelopment of land in that plot, on behalf of the owner;

(d) Every owner and developer shall include the following details as part of all advertisements through website pertaining to the building and/or land development, —

(i) Name and address of the owner and developer,

(ii) Number and date of lay out approval and/or approval of usage of plot and lay out of building wherever applicable,

(iii) Number and date of the development and building permits,

(iv) Name of the local self government institution issuing the permits,

(v) Date till which the building permit is valid,

(vi) Number of floors permitted,

(vii) Conditions if any stipulated in the permits,

(viii) Following details shall be furnished as against the respective provisions of the rules:

(a) Coverage and FAR of the construction,

(b) Area of recreational space inside and outside the building with area in the case of Apartment houses/flats under Group A1 occupancy,

(c) Number of parking and loading and unloading spaces and area earmarked for such spaces,

(d) Minimum width of access to the site and building,

(ix) Any other occupancy other than Group A1-Residential in the case of Apartment houses/flats, with details of floor area of such occupancy: Provided that, if any such advertisements are made in contravention to the above, the secretary or the government may interfere in the matter.

(e) In the case of advertisements pertaining to building construction or land developments through visual - print media and hoardings, the owner or developer shall include the details mentioned