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(ii) area of mezzanine floors shall be included in the floor area; and

(iii) the area of loft shall not be included in the floor area.

9. Certain operational constructions by Government to be exempted from these rules.— The operational constructions of the Central/State Government, whether temporary or permanent which is necessary for the operation, maintenance, development or execution of any of the following services shall be exempted from these rules, namely: (a) Railway; (b) National Highway; (c) National Waterways; (d) Major Ports; (e) Airways and Aerodromes; (f) Posts and telegraph, telephones, wireless, broadcasting and other like forms of communications; se (g) Roads, bridges and street furniture by the Central Government and/or state Government. (h) Regional grid for electricity; and (i) Any other service which the State Government may, if it is of opinion that the operation, maintenance, development or execution of such service is essential to the life of the community, by notification, declare to be a service for the purpose of this clause:

Provided that the following constructions, by the services do not come under the purview of operational construction namely:

(i) New residential colonies, new residential buildings (other than temporary shelters which are used for essential operational quarters for limited essential operational staff and the like), roads and drains in railway colonies, community halls, hospitals, clubs, all types of educational institutions and offices, reservation counters, retiring rooms, shopping complexes, railway mail service offices, parcel offices; and

(ii) Post offices, other types of offices of Posts and Telegraphs Department, residential colonies.

10. Permit not necessary for certain works.- Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules no building permit shall be necessary for executing the following works which do not otherwise violate any provisions regarding applicable general building requirements, structural stability and fire safety requirements of the rules, namely:

(i) Compound Wall other than that abutting a street. (ii) Providing or removing windows, doors or ventilators without affecting structural stability; (iii) Providing inter-communication doors without affecting structural stability; (iv) Providing or removing partitions other than load bearing walls;

(v) Gardening excluding any permanent structures;

(vi) White or colour washing; son s tories om so se vs vlovi

(vii) Painting;

(viii) Petty repairs to the building and pitched roof without affecting structural stability;

(ix) Plastering and patch works;