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(xi) such other particulars as may be required by the Secretary: Provided that when circumstances warrant so, the plan may be drawn to a scale of 1:800 with the permission of the Secretary.

(b) the plans, elevations and sections, in the building plan accompanying the application shall be accurately drawn to a scale of not less than 1:100, and shall,

(i) include floor plans of all floors together with the covered area, accessory buildings and basement floors, if any, and such drawings shall clearly indicate the size and spacing of all framing members, size of rooms, position of staircases, ramps and lift wells;

(ii) show the use or occupancy of all parts of the buildings;

(iii) show the exact location of essential services like water closets, sink and bath;

(iv) include sectional drawings showing the lowest ground level contiguous to the building, highest ground level contiguous to the building, the height of rooms, building and parapet, thickness and spacing of structural members, floor slabs and roof and details of staircase

(v) show all street elevations;

(vi) give dimensions of the projected portions;

(vii) include a terrace plan indicating the drainage and the slope of the roof;

(viii) show the direction of north line relative to the plan of the building; and

(ix) specify total floor area of building and carpet area of the building.

(c) service plan shall be drawn to the same scale as the site plan and shall include plans and sections of private water supply and sewage disposal system.

(d) parking plan shall be drawn to a scale not less than that of the site plan, in cases where parking is to be provided as per these rules, and shall show clearly the parking spaces, drive-ways and manoeuvring spaces.

(e) specification shall include specifications of both general and detailed nature giving type and grade of materials to be used.

[(f) In the case of high rise buildings, every application for approval shall be accompanied by a safety plan suitable for the proposed construction in accordance with the Health and Safety Manual published by the Labour Department].

Note.— The minimum size of paper on which all site plans, building plans, parking plans are drawn shall not be less than 24 cm. x 33 cm or A3.

(12) All plans, drawings and design calculations shall be certified and signed by a Registered Architect or Building Designer or Engineer or Town Planner or Supervisor, registered as provided for in these rules unless otherwise specified. However buildings of floor area up to 50sq:m. are exempted from this provision.

(13) All plans shall be signed by the owner / authorised signatory in all cases.

(14) If the plot is owned by more than one person, the application shall be submitted jointly and signed by all the persons or by any legally authorised representative of such persons.

(15) If the application is for construction or reconstruction of a single building or block of buildings in more than one adjoining plot owned by different persons, or to make addition or extension or alteration to such building the application shall be submitted jointly and signed by all the persons.