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worship, prior approval or clearance or permission or concurrence, as the case may be, of the District Collector concerned, shall be obtained and the conditions stipulated in the 'Manual or Guidelines to Prevent and Control Communal Disturbances and to promote Communal Harmony' which is in force be complied with. Applications for renovations without involving additional built-up area or structural alterations of existing buildings for religious purpose or places of Worship may be considered by the Secretary after informing the District Collector in the Form as provided in AppendixN, duly filled in by the applicant and verified by the Secretary. However, the permit shall be issued only after the receipt of the concurrence of the District Collector.]

(9) In case where final remarks are not received within 30 days from the Defence officer/ Railway Authority as in sub rules (5) or (6) the Secretary may delay final decision in the application for permit, if any interim reply is received from the Defence/Railway authority. If not the Secretary shall presume that there is no objection and proceed with the issue of permit as per rules.

(10) If the application is for approval of plot or building requirements and for the usage of land/plot the Secretary shall forward the same to the Chief Town Planner or the District Town Planner concerned with his specific remarks as provided in these Rules. The Secretary shall, if any approval from the District Town Planner or Chief Town Planner either as per these rules or as per the provisions of the Town Planning Scheme of that area is required for any construction, reconstruction, addition or alteration, forward the application with his specific remarks to the District Town Planner or Chief Town Planner as the case may be, before issuing building permit:

Provided that, the Secretary shall forward only those applications to the District Town Planner or the Chief Town Planner, as the case may be, which comply with the provisions of these rules and the Town Planning Schemes.

(11) The application for building permit shall be accompanied by documentary evidence of ownership of plot and the site plan, building plan, service plan and parking plan wherever the building requires parking space as per rules, together with details and specifications as described below:

(a) the site plan shall be drawn to a scale of not less than 1:400 and shall be fully dimensioned and shall show

(i) the boundaries of the plot and of any contiguous land belonging to the owner thereof, including the revenue survey particulars;

(ii) the position of the plot in relation to the neighbouring street;

(iii) the name, if any, of the street along which the building is proposed and the width of the street which shall be the width in between the plot boundaries on opposite sides;

(iv) all existing buildings standing on, above or below the ground level 15[and their authorised building numbers issued by the Local Self Government Institution concerned]; (v) the width of street, if any in front, side or rear of the buildings;

(vi) free passage or way in front of the buildings;

(vii) space to be left around the building to secure free circulation of air and admission of light;

(viii) spaces proposed as garden;

(ix) the position of external toilets, cattle sheds, stables, wells and other appurtenant structures

(x) north direction in relation to the site;