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the safety and well being of the occupants of the building and the public. They are meant to be strictly enforced. Normally, exemption should be granted only to the owners of small plots who propose to construct a building with one or two floors and some Rule concerning technicalities, but not affecting the rights of the neighbours or general public, stands in the way. It is not meant to be exercised to relax the mandatory provisions regarding parking, fire safety etc., to make the project profitable for the builder. John v. State of Kerala - 2004 (2) KLT 88. [2001 (2) KLT 70 (SC) Relied on AIR 1978 SC 851 Referred to]

6. Site Plan/Service Plan, etc. to be submitted. — (1) An application for development permit shall be accompanied by site plan, service plan, together with details and specifications as described below. In the case of lands proposed to be excavated, filled up or reclaimed, necessary clearance ®[from the authority concerned] shall also be accompanied.

(a) the site plan shall be drawn to a scale of not less than 1:400 and it shall be fully dimensioned and shall show:

(i) the boundaries of the plot and of any contiguous land belonging to the owner thereof, including the revenue survey particulars in full;

(ii) the position of the plot in relation to the neighbouring street and its main access;

(iii) the name of such street, if any; and its width, which shall be the width in between the plot boundaries on the opposite sides:

(iv) all existing structures in the plot 10[and the authorised building numbers issued by the Local Self Government Institution concerned];

(v) all existing streets or foot-paths within the plot;

(vi) the layout of cul-de-sacs, streets or foot-paths within, adjoining or terminating at the site, existing, proposed to be widened or newly aligned;

(vii) the proposed land/plot sub-division, if any, and the area and use of each sub division thereof;

(viii) the access to each land/plot, if any;

(ix) the layout of service road or foot-path and public parking space proposed or existing, if any;

(x) the area and location of any parcel of land within the plot that is undevelopable such as rocky outcrops, steep terrains, marshes etc.;

(xi) the area and location of any parcel of land within the plot that is not proposed to be developed or redeveloped;

(xii) the area and location of any parcel of land that is proposed to be reclaimed.

(xiii) the area and location of any paddy field and/or other agricultural land that is proposed to be reclaimed and/or converted for the said development or re-development;

(xiv) the north direction and predominant wind direction in relation to the site;

(xv) topographic contours (with contour interval not less than 1.5 metre to show the features of the plot clearly) of the site and any other relevant information of the plot not specifically mentioned, but may be required by the Secretary.

Note.-The land/plot sub division plan/site plan shall be accompanied by a key map drawn to a scale/appropriate to a scale not less than 1:4000 giving full details of the location of the site with reference to all adjacent streets, premises and landmarks within a distance of 30 metres of the plot together with the details of the land use of the adjoining premises, on all sides.