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and household use and consumption, and goods of any kind are ordinarily sold. It does not include a workshop;

(cm) 'side yard' means an open space extending laterally between any side of a building and the boundary of the plot facing that side other than front and rear/utility yard and forming part of the plot;

(cn) 'site' means a plot and its surrounding precincts;

(co) 'stair cover' means cabin-like structure with a covering roof over a staircase and its landing built to enclose only the stairs for the purpose of providing protection from weather and not used for human habitation; it is synonymous with stair cabin or staircase room;

(cp) 'stall' means any temporary structure other than a hut used solely for the display and sale of goods;

(cq) 'storey' means the portion of a building between the surface of any 'floor and the surface of the floor next above it, or if there be no floor above it, then the space between any floor and the ceiling next above it;

(cr) 'street means a private street or a public street, synonymous with road and giving access to more than one plot or one building;

(cs) 'street line' means the line defining the side limits of a street;

(ct) 'street level' means the level at the centre line of the street;

(cu) 'structure' means anything that is built or constructed or building of any kind or any piece of work, artificially built up or composed of parts joined together in some definite manner. The term 'structure' shall include "building";

(cv) 'sunshade or weather shade' means a sloping or horizontal structural overhang usually provided over openings on external walls to provide protection from sun and rain;

(cw) 'tenement' means a part of a building intended or used or likely to be used as a dwelling unit for human habitation especially one that is rented to tenants;

(cx) 'to erect' means -

(i) to erect a new building on any site whether previously built up or not;

(ii) to re-erect any building of which portions above the plinth level have been pulled down or destroyed; and

(iii) to convert from one occupancy to another;

(cy) 'travel distance' means the distance an occupant has to travel to reach an exit;

(cz) 'tribal area' includes an area declared as tribal settlement by Government from time to time;

(da) 'unconnected latrine' means a latrine not connected to public sewer system; it may be connected to a septic tank;

(db) 'unsafe building'means building which is structurally unsafe, insanitary or not provided with adequate means of egress or which constitute a fire hazard or is otherwise dangerous to human life or which in relation to existing use constitutes a hazard to safety or health or public welfare, by reason of inadequate maintenance, dilapidation or abandonment;

(dc) 'use group' means the principal use for which a plot, a building or part of a building is used or intended to be used;

(dd) 'verandah' means a covered area with at least one side open to the outside with the exception of a parapet, trellis, jally or grill work on the open side;