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Rule 2 THE KERALA PANCHAYAT BUILDINGS RULES, 2011 741 [the centreline of the adjoining street in the case where the plot abuts the street and in all other cases average level of the adjoining ground], —

(i) In the case of flat roofs, to the highest point of the building adjacent to the street level;

(ii) In the case of pitched roof, to the point where the external surface of the outer wall intersects the finished surface of the sloping roof;

(iii) In the case of gabled roof, to the midpoint between the eves level and the ridge and

(iv) In the case of domed roof, to the lowest point on the ceiling: Provided that architectural features serving no other function except that of decoration shall be excluded for the purpose of taking heights;

Note.— For arriving at the average level of ground', the average of the levels of the lowest ground and that of the highest ground contiguous to the building shall be taken.

(bb) 'height of room' means the vertical distance between the floor and the lowest point on the ceiling;

(bc) 'hut' means any building constructed principally of wood, mud, leaves, grass, thatch or such easily perishable material;

(bd) 'Information Technology building' means a building occupied by industries and other business establishments, whose functional activities are in the field of Information Technology, Information Technology Enabled Services (IT/ITES) and Communications Technology. Of the total built-up area in such buildings, at least 70% of the area should be earmarked for this purpose and the remaining may be utilised for supporting activities like restaurants, food courts, meeting rooms, guest houses, recreational facilities;

(be) 'Information Technology Park' means an integrated township, which would contain Information Technology buildings, as well as other buildings. The Information Technology buildings in the Information Technology Park shall be constructed for the purpose of carrying out the activities set out in the clause (bd) for Information Technology buildings and the remaining buildings in the Information Technology Park are meant to play a complementary role, supporting the activities in the Information Technology buildings. In the Information Technology Park, 70% of the land area is to be set aside for the construction of Information Technology buildings and the remaining land area may be utilised for all the supporting activities. The buildings for the supporting activities may include residential buildings, recreational facilities, educational facilities, convention centres, hospitals, hotels and other social infrastructure meant to support the activities in the Information Technology buildings and Information Technology Parks;

(bf) 'lift well means the unobstructed space within an enclosure provided for the vertical movement of the lift car(s) and any counter weight(s) including the lift pit and the space for top clearance;

(bg) loft' means a residual space in a pitched roof, or any similar residual space, above normal floor level without any direct staircase leading to it, which may be constructed or adopted for storage purposes; [(bga) 'mechanised parking' includes parking and retrieval of vehicles by mechanical means;]

(bh) 'mezzanine floor' means an intermediate floor in any storey overhanging and over looking a floor beneath;