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marriage living together as a single house-keeping unit and having common kitchen arrangements; customary resident domestic servants shall be considered as adjunct to the term 'family';

(am) 'floor' means the lower surface in a storey on which one normally walks in a building. The general term, 'floor' unless otherwise specifically mentioned shall not refer to a 'mezzanine floor';

Note.— The sequential number of floor shall be determined by its relation to the determining entrance level. For floors at or wholly above ground level, the lowest floor in the building with direct entrance from road/ street adjoining the ground shall be termed as ground floor. The other floors above ground floor shall be called in sequence as first floor, second floor, third floor etc. with number increasing upwards.

(an) 'floor area' means the built up area of a building at any floor level;

(ao) 'floor area ratio (F.A.R)'means the quotient obtained by dividing the total floor area on all floors by the area of the plot;

(ap) 'flue' means a confined space provided for the conveyance to the outer air of any product of combustion resulting from the operation of any heat-producing appliance or equipment employing solid, liquid or gaseous fuel;

(aq) 'frontage' means side or part of a side of a plot, which abuts on a street;

(ar) 'front yard' means an open space extending laterally along the front side (main entrance side) of a building and forming part of the plot;

Note.- Where there are more than one entrance to a building, the entrance giving access to the major portion of the ground floor shall be considered as the main entrance;

(as) 'gallery' means an intermediate floor or platform projecting from a wall of an auditorium or a hall providing extra floor area, additional seating accommodation etc.;

(at) 'garage' means a building or portion thereof, used or intended to be used for the shelter, storage or repair of any mechanically propelled vehicle;

(au) 'ground floor' means the lowest storey of a building to which there is an entrance from the adjacent ground or street;

(av) 'Government means the Central or State Government;

(aw) 'Government Approved Private Information Technology Building' means any Information Technology building constructed in the private sector and approved by the Information Technology Department of the Government of Kerala, which is not falling under the category of Government approved private Information Technology Park and Government owned Information Technology Park;

(ax) 'Government Approved Private Information Technology Park' means any Information Technology Park promoted by a private entity, which is approved by the Information Technology Department of the Government of Kerala;

(ay) 'Government Owned Information Technology Park'means any Information Technology Park promoted by an entity of the State Government or Central Government, which is approved by the Information Technology Department of the Government of Kerala;

(az) 'head room' means the clear vertical distance measured from the finished floor surface to the finished ceiling surface; where a finished ceiling is not provided, the underside of the joists or beams or tie beams shall determine the upper point of measurement;

(ba) 'height of building'means the vertical distance measured from the average level of,