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(y) 'coverage means the maximum area on any floor "[above ground level] of the building excluding cantilevered open balconies; it does not include the spaces covered by -

(i) garden, rockery, well and well structures, plant, nursery, water tank, swimming pool (if uncovered), platform round a tree, tank, fountain, bench and the like;

(ii) drainage, culvert, conduit, catch-pit, gully pit, drainage chamber, gutter and the like; and

(iii) compound wall, gate, slide, swing, uncovered staircase, areas covered by sunshade and the like;

(z) 'Cul de sac'means a street with dead end having adequate maneuvering facility for vehicles;

(aa) 'depth of plot means the mean horizontal distance between the front and rear plot boundaries;

(ab) 'developer' means any individual or group of individuals or any firm (by whatever name called) who undertakes any building activity including construction, reconstruction, repairs, additions or alterations of buildings or development or redevelopment of land on behalf of the owner who has obtained permit under the provisions of these rules, through an agreement executed between them;

(ac) 'development of land' means any material change on the use of land other than for agricultural purpose brought about or intended to be brought about by filling up of the land and/or water bodies, changing from the existing/former use of the land, layout of streets and footpaths, sub-division of land, conversion of wet land and developing parks, play grounds and social amenities of the like but does not include legal partitioning of family property among heirs;

(ad) 'development plan'means any general town planning scheme for the local area as a whole or any detailed town planning scheme for any specified area prepared under the Town and Country Planning legislation in force;

(ae) 'drain'includes a sewer, pipe, ditch, channel, and any other device for carrying of sewage, offensive matter, polluted water, sullage, waste water, rain water or sub-soil water and any ejectors, compressed air means, sealed sewage mains and special machinery or apparatus for raising, collecting, expelling or removing sewage or offensive matter to the sewage outfall;

(af) 'drainage' means the removal of any liquid by a system constructed for the purpose;

(ag) 'dwelling' means a building or a portion thereof which is designed or used wholly or principally for residential purposes;

(ah) dwelling unit means a room or suites of rooms designed and intended for habitation by an individual or household in which facilities for cooking may or may not be provided;

(ai) 'exit' means a passage, channel or means of egress from any building, storey or floor to a street or other open space of safety;

(aj) 'external wall' means an outer wall of a building eventhough adjoining a wall of another building; it also means a wall abutting on an interior open space of any building;

(ak) 'factory' means any premises including the precincts thereof used or proposed to be used for any purpose as defined under Factories Act, 1948 and which comes under the purview of the said Act;

(al) 'family' means a group of individuals normally related in blood or connected by

1.Inserted by S.R.O. No. 26/2014, w.e.f. 13-1-2014.