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amount to change in the occupancy group of the building under these rules, or closing of any required means of ingress or egress to the building;

(g) apartment' means a part of a building intended for any type of independent use including one or more rooms or enclosed spaces located on one or more floors or parts thereof in a building, intended to be used for residential purposes and with a direct exit to a public street, road or highway or to a common area, leading to such street, road or highway. This word is synonymous with residential flat;

(h) 'appendix' means the appendix to these rules;

(i) 'approved plan' means the set of drawings and statements submitted under these rules for obtaining development permit or building permit duly approved by the Secretary;

(i) 'balcony'means a horizontal projection, including a handrail, or balustrade to serve as passage or sitting out place;

(k) 'basement floor' means the lower storey of a building below or partly below the ground floor. This word is synonymous with cellar;

(1) bathroom'means a room or cubicle for bathing;

(m) 'building'includes any structure for whatsoever purpose and of whatsoever material constructed and every part thereof whether used for human habitation or not and includes foundations, plinth, walls, floors, roofs, chimneys, plumbing and building services, verandah, balcony, cornice or projections, part of a building, wells or anything affixed there to or any wall enclosing or intended to enclose any land or space and signs and outdoor display structures;

(n) 'building line' means a line which is away from the street boundary and upto which the main wall of the building facing that street may lawfully extend; no portion of the building may extend beyond this line except as prescribed in these rules;

(o) 'built-up area'means the covered area at any floor, covered by roof other than cornice, roof or weather shades permissible;

(p) 'carpet area' means the usable floor area excluding staircases, lift wells, escalators, ducts, toilets and air conditioning plant room and electrical control room;

Note.— In calculating carpet area, for avoiding the area of wall, twenty percent of the floor area, shall be deducted from the total floor area in each floor.

(q) Category -1 Village Panchayat means a Village Panchayat notified as Category 1 Village Panchayat by the Government under sub-rule (4) of rule 3.

(r) Category - Il Village Panchayat means a Village Panchayat notified as Category || Village Panchayat by the Government under sub-rule (4) of rule 3.

(s) 'ceiling' means the internal roof lining of any room; in case there is no such lining, the roof membrane shall constitute the ceiling;

(t) 'Centre line of road' means the line along the middle of the entire width of land earmarked for the road;

(u) 'Chief Town Planner'means the Chief Town Planner to Government of Kerala; too

(v) 'chimney' means an upright shaft containing and encasing one or more flues; state

(w) 'conversion'means the change of one occupancy group in to another occupancy group;

(x) 'corridor' means an exit serving as a passageway communicating with separate rooms or with different parts of a building or with different buildings;