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2. The lessee covenants with the lessor as follows:(1) To pay the reserved rent on or before. of every month in advance and in the manner aforesaid.

(2) To bear pay and discharge all taxes, charges assessment and outgoings payable in respect of the demised building and premises.

(3) To keep the exterior and interior of the demised building premises and all additions thereto and the boundary walls and fences thereof and the drains, earthern pipes and other pipes and sanitary and water apparatus and electric fittings and fixtures thereof in good and tenable repair condition.

(4) Not to make or permit to be made under any circumstances any alternations in or additions to the demised buildings without the permission in writing of the lessor provided always that if the lessee, is permitted to make any alternations by the lessor, the lessee shall not be entitled to any compensation therefore.

(5) To permit the lessor with or without workmen at all reasonable times on giving one days previous notice to enter upon the demised land and to view the condition thereof and after one month from the date of serving notice to the lessee to do the repairs thereon.

(6) Not to assign or sub-let or part with the possession of the demised building or premises or any part thereof without obtaining prior written consent of the lessor.

(7) To yield up the demised building, premises, fixture and all additions thereto at the determination of tenancy in good and tenable repair and condition in accordance with the covenants herein contained.

3. The lessor covenants with the lessee as follows:

(1) That the lessee paying the rent hereby reserved and observing and performing the several covenants and stipulations herein on his part contained shall peaceably hold and enjoy the demised house, building and premises during the said term without any interruption by the lessor or any person rightfully claiming under or in trust for the lessor.

(2) To carry out all repairs to main walls, roof and foundations due to wear and tear at his own cost and the decision of the.......... ............Divisional Executive Engineer for the time being to the necessity for such repairs being final.

4. PROVIDED ALWAYS and it is hereby expressly agreed by and between the parties hereto as follows:

(1) If the rent hereby reserved or any part thereof shall be unpaid for 14 days after becoming payable (whether formally demanded or not) or if any convent on the lessee's part herein contained shall not be performed or observed or if the lessee or other person in whom for the time being the terms hereby created shall be vested shall become insolvent them and in any of the time thereafter to re-enter upon to the demised premises or any part thereof in the name of the whole and there upon this rent deed shall absolutely determine but without prejudice to the right of action of the lessor in respect of breach of any of the lessee's covenant herein contained.

(2) If the lessee desires to determine the present rent deed and shall give to the other party three calendar months previous notice in writing of such desire then immediately on the expiration of the three calendar months the present demise and everything herein contained shall cease and be void but without prejudice to the remedies of one party against the other in respect of any antecedent claim or breach of covenant.