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7. Grant Panchayat's own property for rent or lease on licence.- (1) A Panchayat may construct buildings for the purpose of trade or otherwise and can give the same to the public who require them on rent or lease on license in accordance with provisions of the Act and the rules made thereunder and the bye-laws that may be made by the Panchayat for this purpose and may also levy fees that may be decided by the Panchayat for its enjoyment and possession.

(2) Every licence under sub-rule (1) shall contain the conditions for the enjoyment and possession of that building or room or space in it and rate of fees and time of payment, and the above said conditions and stipulations shall be written in the form of an agreement in stamped paper of appropriate value and shall also be in accordances with Form III appended to these rules.

(3) No building or room or space given on rent under sub-rule (1), shall be subletted to another or change its nature of use by the licensee.

(4) If at any time the Secretary feels that any building or room given on rent to any person under sub-rule (1), has been subletted to another person, he shall cancel the licence issued to such person immediately by an order and direct the person or persons enjoying and possessing that building or room or space, as the case may be to vacate within the time mentioned in the order.

Provided that the Secretary shall before issuing an order cancelling the licence and also before evicting the user or the possessor, give notice asking him to show cause the reason if any for not issuing such order within a reasonable time to be specified in the notice.

(5) If the order under sub-rule (4) is not complied within the time specified therein, the Secretary shall evict such person or persons from the building, room or space with or without the assistance of police and the building, room or space, as the case may be, shall be closed. Thereafter all the properties found in that premises become the property of the Panchayat and shall be disposed of and the income therefrom shall be credited in the Panchayat fund.

(6) Every person having been granted a licence as per sub-rule (1) shall remit without demand the licence fee and other charges at the rate specified in the agreement within the time mentioned therein.

(7) If any licensee defaults the remittance of licence fee beyond the period for which the amount deposited in accordance with the provisions of the licence, the Secretary shall, by notice in writing, demand the defaulter to remit the amount due along with interest or fine provided for in the agreement, within 7 days from the issuance of such notice and in the case of default, he shall make to close the premises temporarily at once and evict the possessor or possessors from there with or without the assistance of the police.

(8) Even if such premises are closed under sub-rule (7) the licensee shall continue as the user and possessor of that premises and shall be responsible for the safety of the properties present there. Provided that he shall not open such premises by force or shall re-enter there.

(9) When a premises is caused to be closed by the Secretary under sub-rule (7), he shall direct the licensee to remit the amount due within the period that may be specified in the notice.

(10) If the licensee remits the amount demanded under sub-rule (9), the Secretary shall handover possession of the premises to him immediately and if he defaults the payment of that amount, the Secretary shall cancel the licence at once and the order of cancellation of the licence shall be communicated to him and where it is not possible to communicate to him personally that order, it shall be published in the premises closed under sub-rule (7) and it shall be deemed to be sufficient notice.

(11) Where a licence has been cancelled by the Secretary under sub-rule (10) he shall after giving advance notice to the licensee and public notice dispose of the properties found in the