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                                   KERALA PANCHAYAT LAW MANUAL                                        Rule 8

(2) If a service cannot be rendered within the stipulated time limit on reasonable grounds, the concerned Officer shall intimate the fact to the applicant within the said time limit. Simultaneously, if possible, the revised time limit shall also be intimated to the applicant. licant.

(3) Where an applicant feels that an Officer of the panchayat fails render a service or causes delay thereof, he may bring the complaint to the notice of the Panchayat President and if any such complaint is received, the Panchayat President shall personally examine and dispose it.

(4) Where a Citizen considers that the Panchayat or a Member of the Panchayat or an Officer of the Panchayat has deliberately committed default or delay in making available a service to which he is entitled to as per the Citizens Charter, he may file a complaint before the Ombudsman, alleging that the panchayat or the member of the panchayat or the Officer thereof is guilty of committing maladministration as defined in Clause (e) of Section 271 F of the Act.

8. Providing Informations

. Every information in respect of the service's made available to the applicants and which are mentioned in the Citizens Charter shall come within the purview of Clause (a) of Section 271A of the Act and every person shall have the right to know the same under Section 271B.

9. Revision and Evaluation of Citizens Charter.

-- (1) The panchayat shall, once in every year, revise and update the Citizens Charter prepared under Rule 3 and published under rule 4 after discussion.

(2) The revision of the Citizens Charter every year shall be with the intention of bringing in suitable changes based on the experience during the previous year and if possible, for including in it, more services and for reducing the time limit in rendering the service.

(3) As in the case, of Citizens Charter, its revisions shall also be published in the notice boards of the panchayat and the copies thereof shall be printed and distributed among the people.

(4) The panchayat shall often evaluate the progress in rendering services-mentioned in the Citizens Charter and shall issue necessary guidelines at the respective times to the Officers concerned. DER E N EN a benaca FORM [See sub-rule (7) of Rule 3] .....Panchayat NO TESTID M ovie toe CITIZENS CHARTER (In force from. The Panchayat will render to the Citizens residing in this Panchayat area, the following services time bound. Serial Number Details of Services to be rendered The time limit within which the service will . The conditions to be a made available fulfilled by the applicant (Time/day after the receipt of application) Bow (3) ledo ganti fototerore teo (4) 9955 subast se abo apelounge atas coisa boreando e legile maj orboy (1) bolon (2) arbas SUR LESS Sed Note:-Further details of the above said services and application form can be had from the office of the Panchayat.