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THE KERALA PANCHAYAT LAW MANUAL FORM - || 9[FORMI [See sub-rule (1) of Rule 4] APPLICATION FOR SANCTION TO GET COPY OF PANCHAYAT RECORD/EXTRACT OF THE RELEVANT PORTION OF THE RECORD 1. Name and address of the applicant 2. Name of Panchayat 3. Name and place of the Office/Institution where the concerned record is kept 4. Details of the required record (subject, file number, year, date of the order etc., as far as known) 5. Whether the application is for sanction for getting copy of the record or to copy the relevant portion of the record 6. Details of the search fee, fee for copy etc. remitted (amount remitted, date of remittance, receipt no. etc.) 7. The purpose for which copy of the record/ copy o n of the relevant portion of the record is required : Place. Date............... Signature of Applicant.] 10[FORM II MODEL OF THE REGISTER SHOWING THE DETAILS IN RESPECT OF THE ISSUE OF COPY RECORDS Serial Number Date of application for copy Name of applicant Search fee remitted Nature of record, the copy of which is applied for If the issue of copy is refused, the reason thereof, the date of certificate and whether the fee hasbeen refunded Fee for copy remitted Date of issue of copy Remarks