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(vii) a place in which large number of persons resort, where rubbish, offensive matter, filth, trade refuse, special waste, hazardous waste or excrementitious and polluted matters are accumulated in large quantities, to collect such matters accumulating thereon and to remove the same to a depot or place provided or directed by the Panchayat at such time and in such manner and by such routes as may be specified in the notice.

(2) Where the owner or occupier fails to comply with the instructions under sub-rule (1), the Panchayat may after, giving a notice, cause all rubbish including the debris, offensive matter, trade refuse, special waste, hazardous waste, of excrementitious and polluted matter accumulated in such premises to be removed and the cost of such removal at such rate as may be determined by the Panchayat and specified in the notice issued under this sub-rule for such removal shall be paid by the said owner or occupier and if not paid it shall be recovered as an arrear of tax due to the Panchayat:

Provided that such cost shall not be at a rate less than the unit cost for the removal of such solid waste (including the cost for servicing and other charges, for the vehicles or vessels or means for removal) as the Panchayat may determine from time to time.

19. Prohibition of improper disposal of carcasses, rubbish and filth.— (1) No person shall, after due provision has been made under Rule 10 by the Panchayat for the deposit and removal of rubbish, solid waste, carcasses and filth, deposit the same,

(a) in any street, or on the verandah of any building or on any unoccupied ground along the side of any street or in any public quay, jetty or landing place or on the bank of a watercourse or tank, or

(b) in any dustbin or in any vehicle not intended for the removal of the same, or

(c) in any vehicle or vessel intended for such removal save for the purpose of deodourising or disinfecting the same.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of the provisions in sub-rule (1) no person shall deposit or cause to be deposited any building rubbish on any street, or public or private land without the previous permission of the Panchayat:

Provided that, no permission shall be granted until the fee fixed by the Panchayat is paid:

Provided further that, the Panchayat may, refuse to grant such permission, furnishing the reasons in writing.

20. Prohibition of keeping filth on premises.- No owner or occupier of any premises, shall keep or allow to be kept for more than twenty four hours any filth in such premises or in any building or on the roof thereof or in any outhouse or in any place appurtenant thereto, or fail to comply with any direction of the Panchayat as to the construction, repair, paving or cleaning of any latrine in his premises.

21. Prohibition against allowing out flow of filth.—No owner or occupier of any premises shall allow the water or any other filth from any sink, drain or stable to flow out of such premises to any side of a street except to a drain or a cess-pool or allow the water or filth to flow out of such premises in such a manner as to cause unavoidable nuisance due to the damage of the side wall or floor because of the said water or filth.

22. Prohibition of storage of skin.— No person shall deposit the skin of a carcass or dispose of the carcass at a place other than that provided for the purpose. 23. Prohibition of using of any cart without cover for the removal of filth etc.— No person shall for the removal of filth, use any cart or receptacle having no proper covering for preventing the escape of the contents thereof, or of the stench therefrom, or allow to spill, any filth