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to the original estimate. Before giving technical sanction to the revised estimate the concerned Engineer shall satisfy that the excess work is inevitable and he shall certify accordingly.

15. Check measurement.— (1) Measurement book in the form as specified in Public Works Manual and level field book, if necessary, shall be used for every public work.

(2) Measurement of works of estimate not exceeding rupees fifty thousand shall be done by an Overseer and those exceeding rupees fifty thousand shall be done by an Assistant Engineer.

(3) Check measurement shall be done by an Assistant Engineer in the case of measurement noted by an Overseer and by Assistant Executive Engineer in the case of measurement noted by an Assistant Engineer.

(4) As far as possible 5% of the works of an estimate which exceeds rupees six lakhs shall be test checked by an Executive Engineer.

(5) If there is no Engineer for noting measurement under sub-rule (2), for check measurement under sub-rule (3) and for test check under sub-rule (4), an Engineer empowered by the Government by general or special order may discharge these duties.

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(6) No partial payment or final payment shall be allowed to any contractor or beneficiary committee without ensuring the quality of work or not based on the measurements recorded in the measurement book, as the case may be, in respect of any work.

(7) The contractor or Executive Committee Convener of the beneficiary committee as the case may be, shall inform in writing the Panchayat Secretary and the Panchayat Engineer the fact of completion of the work and the measurement of work and check measurement shall be completed within one week of receipt of such information and after that final payment of the work shall be made within two weeks.

16. Procedure for securing supplies of materials and goods for the work.— (1) No purchase of materials and goods to a Panchayat shall be made unless allotment of funds therefore has been made and administrative sanction is accorded by the authority competent to accord sanction under Rule 4.

(2) The provisions in Rules 8, 9 and 10 shall be as such followed in the purchase of any materials and goods by a Panchayat:

Provided that the procedures laid down in these rules may be dispensed with in the following cases, namely:

(a) Purchase of materials and goods from the institutions, owned or controlled by the Central or State Government;
(b) Purchase of materials and goods of which the price is fixed by Government under any rules or orders in force;
(c) Purchase of materials and goods from a firm which has a subsisting rate contract with State Government or the Director General of Supplies and Disposals under the Central Government for the supply of such materials and goods;
(d) Purchase of materials and goods of standard specifications of which the manufacture or sale is undertaken exclusively by a firm of standing and the supply is secured from such firm.