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12. Execution of work directly by the Panchayat.— (1) When any work is executed by the Panchayat directly, the total expenditure of such work shall not exceed the total amount of estimate prepared under Rule 6:

Provided that if the Panchayat is satisfied that the total cost of the estimate is likely to exceed the estimated cost due to the increase in rates of the local price of the materials and labour charges, such excess expenditure not exceeding 5% of the estimated cost may be sanctioned by the Panchayat:

Provided further that expenditure exceeding 5% of the estimated amount may be sanctioned by the Panchayat with the previous sanction of the technical committee specified under sub-rule (1) of Rule 5.

(2) When any work is done by daily labour, the daily wages as decided by the Panchayat not exceeding the estimate rates shall be paid on nominal muster roll, which shall be kept separately for each category of labourers and the wages shall be given daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly as the case may be:

Provided that no labourer shall muster for a continuous period exceeding 179 (one hundred and seventy nine) days.

(3) When works are executed by the Panchayat directly, Panchayat shall expend the subscription towards the Construction Workers'. Welfare Fund apart from the estimate amount and such amount shall be included in the total cost of work.

(4) In case of execution of work by the Panchayat directly, bills and other accounts shall be kept separately and they shall be given for scrutiny to any citizen on requisition.

13. Execution of work through the beneficiary committee.- (1) In the case of works executed through a beneficiary, committee, the procedures laid in Rules 8, 9 & 10 shall not be followed, but the procedures in the sub-rules (2) to (6) of this rule shall be followed.

(2) The Officer of the Panchayat who is in charge of the public works (Executive Officer) as authorised by the Panchayat, shall subject to the general guidelines of the Government and after giving notice to all the beneficiaries concerned, convene a meeting of the people of the locality who are beneficiaries due to the implementation of the works which shall be presided over by the Panchayat member of the said locality and the meeting shall elect a beneficiary committee and there shall be an Executive Committee thereof consisting of not more than 15 members and not less than 7 members of which one third shall be women and there shall be a convener, for the executive committee:

Provided that a member of a Panchayat shall not act as a convener or member of the beneficiary committee or its Executive Committee,

(3) The total expenditure of the work executed by the beneficiary committee shall not exceed the amount in the estimate prepared under Rule 6:

Provided that if the Panchayat considers that the total cost exceed the estimate cost due to the expenditure on execution of work, subscription towards the Construction Workers' Welfare Fund, various items of taxes, and the increased rates of local price of materials and labour charges, Panchayat has the power to give such excess expenditure not exceeding 5% of the estimate cost to the beneficiary committee: