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(3) The Government officers and employees whose service has been lent to Panchayat shall be under the full control and supervision of the Panchayat and they shall exercise those powers and perform duties as may be determined by the Panchayat for matters coming within the jurisdiction of the Panchayat subject to the general restrictions as may be fixed by the Government.

(4) Every Government officer or employee whose service has been lent to Panchayat while serving for the Panchayat shall also have the authority to exercise the powers entrusted by the Government and shall be liable to perform the duties.

(5) The Government officers and employees whose service has been lent to Panchayat shall not be entitled to get deputation allowance.

(6) The Panchayat shall have authority to appoint by transfer any Government officer and employee whose service has been lent to Panchayat from any office or institution of the Panchayat to office of the Panchayat or to any other office or institution under that Panchayat: Provided that a Government officer or employee shall not be appointed by transfer from a department to another department: Provided further that Panchayat shall be liable to comply with the general guidelines regarding the transfer of Government officers issued by the Government from time to time.

(7) Government may for sufficient reasons take back any Government officer or employee whose service has been lent to a Panchayat for the service of Government or may be appointed by transfer from that Panchayat to another Panchayat or to a Municipality.

(8) If a vacancy arises due to transfer, leave or any other reason in the post of Government Officer or employee whose service was lent to Panchayat and in the circumstances where the service of another Government Officer or employee is not immediately lent to fill such vacancy, subject to such general guidelines issued by the Government, the Panchayat may appoint another person temporarily in that vacancy, by informing the appointing authority in advance, for a period not exceeding six months or till a Government officer or employee is appointed to such vacancy which ever is earlier,

(a) through employment exchange; or

(b) if candidate is not available through employment exchange on contract basis as per the conditions specially provided by the Government: Provided that in the case of such temporary appointment as school teachers, if necessary, the period of six months may be reckoned, as till the end of respective academic year.

4. Imposing of minor penalties on officers.-

(1) Where an officer fails to perform his official duty or violates the discipline or refuses to carry out the lawful decision of the Panchayat or wilfully obstructs the implementation thereof or fails to obey the lawful orders of the President, or for the misbehaviour or misconduct of an officer, the Panchayat may take disciplinary proceedings against such officer and may impose on him any one of the following minor penalties, namely:

(1) censure,

(2) fine, .. .

(3) temporary withholding of increment,

(4) withholding of promotion,

(5) recovery of amount from salary.

Notes: (i) No fine shall be levied on an officer except in the post of last grade, part-time or full-time contingent. Huge amount shall not be levied as fine and trifle fine shall not be levied frequently;