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18. Rules to be observed in markets.-

(1) Any person entering a market shall abide by all orders and instructions regarding the market issued by the President or the officer authorised by him in this behalf.

(2) No seller shall make sound and hue or use such instrument within the market, so as to attract the purchasers.

(3) No weights and measures equipments, not recognised by Government and not stamped in the specified time, shall be used or kept in the market.

(4) No article, the storing or sale of which are prohibited without a licence from the Panchayat or from the Central or State Governments, shall be brought into the market for sale without such licence.

(5) No putrid or unwholesome articles of food shall be stored, exposed, or sold in the market.

(6) Begging of all kinds shall be disallowed within the precincts of the market.

(7) No person shall bring dog or knowingly permit dog to be brought inside the market. (8) No person shall use any offensive obscene or provocative language in the market.

(9) No place except that set apart in the market for cycles carriage or similar vehicles or animals carrying load shall be used as resting place for the same.

(10) The Panchayat, in the case of public markets and the licensee, in the case of private markets shall provide for the supply of drinking water, latrines, urinals and drainages and keep the floors clean.

(11) Except for the watcher and the caretaker, no facility shall be provided for human habitation and no stall shall be used for human habitation in the market. .

(12) The stalls in the market shall be kept open for inspection by the President, Secretary or any officer authorised by him or any officer not below the rank of an Inspector from the Panchayat Department or any officer not below the rank of a Health Assistant from the Health Services Department

19. Selling by auction of right to collect fees from casual sellers.-

The Panchayat shall have the power to sell to the highest bidder by public auction, the right to collect fees from the casual sellers carrying trade in the open space and from vehicles using the cart stands in the public markets for a period not exceeding one year. The bidder shall not collect fees in excess of the amount fixed by Panchayat under Rule 8. The bidder shall not collect fees from the lessees of sheds and stalls leased out under Rule 5.

20. Issuance of receipt for collections.

The lessee having right to collect the fees and rents prevailing in the public markets and the officer authorised for such collection, shall issue receipts having seal of the Panchayat and showing the details such as the item, amount and date of collection, to the remitter, in all cases and shall keep the duplicate of such receipts as counterfoil.

21. Remittance of lease amount.--

The lease amount or other fees due to Panchayat may be remitted in full in advance or in such instalments as may be allowed by the Panchayat in each case. In addition to the advance the lessee shall, before entering into agreement, deposit as security amount, an amount equal to one instalment of the lease amount as per instalment condition. The lease amount shall, if not remitted, be recovered as arrears of tax due to Panchayat and in such case the lessee shall be evicted. The lessee shall be liable for any loss caused to the Panchayat due to such eviction and subsequent re-auction.

22. Direct collection of fees.-

The Panchayat shall, if decides not to sell by auction the right to collect fees from the cart stands and from the casual sellers of public markets, make arrangements to collect such fees directly.