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10. Fees to be collected by the licensees of private markets.-

The licensee of a private market shall have the right to collect fees at the rates not exceeding that mentioned in the Schedule to Rule 8.

11. Power of Panchayats to control markets.—

(1) The Panchayat shall have the power to expel from the market any person or his agent engaging in any activity contrary to the prevailing conditions and provisions relating to a market and also to prevent strictly such person or his agent from continuing to occupy the stalls or engaging in trade activities.

(2) The Panchayat may, by notice, require the owner, occupier or licensee of private market to provide immediately the primary facilities such as passages, drainages, footpaths, latrines and urinals shown in the sketch submitted along with the application for licence, if not already provided.

(3) The Panchayat shall have the power to suspend the existing licence or refuse to grant licence, if the facilities mentioned above are not provided within the period specified in the notice until such time so provided.

(4) No person shall open or continue to keep open any such market after the licence is so suspended or refused.

12. Maintenance and audit of accounts of private markets.-

(1) The owner, occupiers or lease holders of a private market shall issue tickets in Form No. IV for daily collections and receipts in Form No. V for periodical collections, made in such markets.

(2) There shall be separate ticket books for each rate of fees.

(3) The owners, occupiers or leaseholders of private markets shall keep complete accounts regarding the receipts from the markets in Form No. VI and regarding the expenditure incurred for the maintenance of markets in Form NO. VII, in separate registers in writing and shall produce them whenever required by the Panchayat or the person authorised by the Panchayat. The Secretary or the officer authorised by him shall inspect such registers and the counterfoils of tickets and receipt books under sub-rule (1) at least once in every month and record his opinion thereon. If the accounts are found to be faultless, a certificate to that effect shall be recorded in the registers.

13. Licensing of brokers, commission agents, etc.-

(1) No person shall practise as broker, commission agent, weighman or appraiser within the premises of a market without licence. The Panchayat, in the case of public markets and the licensee in the case of private market, may levy an amount not exceeding rupees twenty five per annum as fee for such licence.

(2) The Panchayat shall, from time to time, fix the charges to be levied by brokers, commission agents, weighman and appraiser from the public and shall publish the fees so fixed for the information of the public.

14. Providing facilities for grading of commodities.—

A Panchayat, in the case of public markets and a licensee, in the case of private markets, may provide, inside the market or at any convenient place near the market, facilities for grading of commodities brought for sale and for marking of commodities so graded and may also levy fee at the rates fixed by the Panchayat for that purpose.

15. Providing facilities for storing -

The Panchayat, in the case of public markets and the licensee, in the case of private markets shall, provide facilities for storing of commodities left unsold in a market day till the next market day and may levy fees for providing such facilities at the rates fixed by the Panchayat.

16. Market days to be notified.—

The Panchayat shall, publish the market days in the Panchayat notice board and in the place where the market is situated and the market may function on such days from sun rise to sun set.

17. Market rates to be notified in the Notice Board. -

The Panchayat, in the case of public markets and the licensee, in the case of private markets, shall publish in the notice board exhibited concerned, the rates of fees fixed under Rule 8 and Rule 10, respectively.