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the information even within the extended time, the Secretary shall inform the fact in writing to the Taluk Tahsildar concerned who shall take necessary further action in this matter.

4. Power of District Panchayat to call for information from Village Officer and to instruct him to perform certain duties.—

The Village Officers shall furnish to the District Panchayat through the Tahsildar concerned, the details and accounts required by the Secretary, regarding the schemes to be executed by the District Panchayat as per item 17 of the Schedule V of the Act and shall perform the functions delegated to him for the implementation of such schemes.

5. Village Officer to report cases of encroachment.—

The Village Officer shall report to the Village Panchayat Secretary concerned full details regarding the encroachment, if any, made by any person, on the land owned by the Panchayat or any other land, property or article vested in the Panchayat and shall render all necessary assistance to evict the encroachers, if so required by the Panchayat.

6. Village Officer to attend Panchayat meetings, if required.—

(1) The Village Officer of the revenue village of a Panchayat area shall, if so required by the President in writing, attend the meeting of the Panchayat.

(2) The requisition mentioned in sub-rule (1) shall be made through the Taluk Tahsildar concerned.

Explanatory Note

(This does not form part of the Notification, but is intended to indicate its general purpose.) Clause (xxx) of sub-section (2) of Section 254 empowers the Government to make rules regarding the duties to be performed by the Village Officers with regard to the Panchayat and its Secretaries. Government have decided to make rules accordingly. This Notification is intended to achieve the above purpose.