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37. Licensee to obey all lawful orders. -

(1) The licensee of the slaughter house shall obey all orders issued to him in writing by the Panchayat or the Secretary of the Panchayat or other officer authorised by him.

(2) The licensee of a slaughter house shall hold himself responsible for any act of omission or commission or violation of the conditions of licence on the part of his agents, lessees or servants.

38. Location of Meat Stalls.-

A stall to vend meat of bird or animal in a Panchayat area shall be located in a place approved by the Village Panchayat for that purpose. Meat Stall shall be one covered with glass, inaccessible to insects like houseflies and also having abundant air circulation and meat shall be kept in a manner not visible to the lay public and the Licensee of the stall shall exhibit a board in front of the stall, visible to others, specifying his name, number of the stall and price chart.]

39. Power to inspect meat stalls.—

The Examining Authority or President or Secretary or any officer authorised by the Village Panchayat or Government shall have power to inspect the meat kept for sale and to seize and destroy the meat which is seen as disease caused or unfit for consumption. The amount required for such destruction shall be levied as mentioned in Rule 11.

40. Conditions to be observed by meat stall holders.--

(1) The meat offered for sale shall be of animals slaughtered in a public slaughter house or in a slaughter house licenced under Section 230 of the Act, and shall be clean and devoid of materials unfit for consumption.

(2) The stamped portion of animals slaughtered under Rule 17 shall be preserved until all the meat is sold out. Otherwise the meat found in the stall shall be treated as that of unstamped animals or unwholesome meat and shall be liable for seizure and destruction by the Examining Authority or Secretary or such other officer as may be authorised by him in this behalf. The amount for such destruction shall be levied under Rule 11.

(3) Offal, skin, horn, entrails, etc. for which provision is made for sale in the slaughter house shall not be brought to the stall or kept in for sale.

(4) The unwholesome meat, skin, entrails etc. found in the stall shall be seized and destroyed by the Secretary or such other officer authorised by him in this behalf. The amount for such destruction shall be levied under Rule 11.

(5) The meat shall not be soaked in water nor water should be brought or kept in the stall.

(6) The meat shall be suspended by means of hooks in such a way that they do not come into contract with the roofs, walls or pillars of the stalls.

(7) No box of any kind except a cash box shall be found in the stall. A table covered with zinc plate may be used if granite or concrete slabs are not provided.

(8) The balance of meat taken for weighing shall be suspended and not placed on the table. od (9) The balance weights and hooks and other articles used in the meat stall shall always be kept clean. All unclean articles found shall be removed by the Secretary or such other officer as may be authorised by him in this behalf