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19. Separate receptacles to be provided for putting refuse and allowing blood to flow.—

No person shall put refuse from the slaughter house in or allow the blood therefrom to flow into the receptacle other than those provided in this behalf and shall uncover the receptacles for a longer time than is absolutely necessary to put the refuse into it and to flow the blood.

20. Inflation or blowing of carcasses prohibited. —

The inflation or blowing of carcasses shall not be done in the slaughter houses.

21. Rates of fees.-

No person shall be allowed to bring any cattle, sheep, goat buffalo or pig in the slaughter house without payment of an admission fee to be fixed by the Panchayat. Such amount fixed shall not be above ten rupees per bullock, cow, he-buffalo or she-buffalo and above five rupees for a sheep, goat or pig.

22. Restriction regarding time of slaughter.-

Slaughtering of animals and cutting of carcasses shall be done only between 13[3 a.m. to 8 a.m.] and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

23. Slaughtering knife to be sharp and clean.—

No person shall use a slaughtering knife unless it has been thoroughly cleaned and sharpened before slaughtering.

24. Supply of water in the slaughter house to be abundant.—

Provision shall be made for an abundant supply of water to keep the slaughter house clean.

25. Spittoons to be provided in the slaughter house.-

Necessary spittoons shall be provided in suitable places in the slaughter house and no person shall spit in the slaughter house except in spittoons so provided.

26. Child less than ten years of age not to be admitted in the slaughter house.-

No person shall take or admit any child below ten years of age into the slaughter house.

27. No dogs, crows etc. to be allowed in slaughter house.-

No person shall be allowed to bring dogs in the slaughter house. Crows and other birds shall not be allowed to get into the slaughter house.

28. Eviction of undesirables from the slaughter house.—

The Secretary or other officer authorised by him in this behalf may evict or caused to be evicted from the slaughter house premises, any person who is found drunk, begging, loitering or misconducting himself or who is a lunatic or who in and way infringes any of these rules or obstructs any officer in the performance of his official duties or disobeys his lawful orders and prevent such persons from re-entering the slaughter house premises.

29. Responsibility of persons causing damage to slaughter house.—

Every person using the slaughter house shall be responsible for any damage caused in the slaughter house or article therein and the loss caused by the damage shall be recoverable from him as an arrear of Panchayat tax.

30. Procedure for opening and closing of slaughter house.-

A Village Panchayat, before passing a resolution for opening a new public slaughter house or for closing an existing public slaughter house shall publish a notice in a daily newspaper in the chief language of the locality having wide circulation in the area and in the notice board of the Panchayat office and in the places specified by the Panchayat, and shall give publicity through pamphlet and loudspeakers and giving a period not being less than 30 days for filing objections and after considering the objections in detail received within the period and the Panchayat shall take decision on it.

31. Leasing out collection of rent and fee.-

(1) The Panchayat may lease out the collection of rent and fee in public slaughter houses for a period not exceeding three years to the highest bidder subject to such conditions as may be laid down from time to time by the Panchayat.