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Hospitals with inpatients treatment or Public Educational Institutions or places of Worship] and 30 metres from the public road. No door of any slaughter house shall open directly into any street or lane or other public place and no such door shall be situated that the slaughtering of animals can be seen from any public place, public street or from any adjacent dwelling house or occupied place outside the slaughter house. A sign board marked 'public slaughter house' or 'licenced slaughter house' shall be exhibited in front of the building used for slaughtering.

6. Licencing of butchers.—

No person shall be permitted for slaughtering animals in the slaughter houses except with a licence in Form I issued by the Secretary. The fee for grant of licence shall be Rs. 50 4[The applicant shall, furnish along with the application, a certificate obtained from an Allopathy Doctor not below the rank of Assistant Surgeon, to prove that he is not a person infected with any contagious diseases or having any health problems warranting refusal of licence for slaughtering animals.]

7. Admission to slaughter house at the time of slaughtering to be restricted.-

No person other than a licenced butcher shall be allowed to enter a slaughter house at the time of slaughtering except with a permit obtained from the Secretary or any other officer authorised by him in this behalf.

8. Stamping of animals.-

No animal shall be admitted into a slaughter house for slaughter unless it is examined, certified and stamped by the S[veterinary surgeon of a veterinary sub-centre or veterinary Dispensary or veterinary Hospital in a Village Panchayat area, Specially authorised, by the Village Panchayat in this behalf] that the animal is free from contagious diseases and other diseases. Such certificate shall contain the time and date of the examination of the animal and it shall be valid for 48 hours only. The person in charge of the slaughter house shall maintain register in Form II showing the particulars of animals thus examined and stamped.

9. Issuance of Certificate.-

Before issuing certificate regarding the animals like bull, cow, he-buffalo and she-buffalo under Rule 8, the examining authority shall make sure that such animal is (i) over ten years of @[age or unfit for work or breeding); or (ii) permanently incapacitated for work or breeding due to injury or deformity.

10. Diseased, dead or dying animal to be destroyed.

If an animal having contagious diseases or other diseases or dead or dying brought to the slaughter house shall be seized by the Examining authority or the president or the person authorised by the Panchayat and destroyed and disposed of in the manner as he deems fit. Provided that animals which have met with accident or unfit to do work permanently may brought to the slaughter house and slaughter them after obtaining certificate under Rule 8.

11. No meat to be sold in slaughter house.-

No person shall be permitted to sell meat in the slaughter house or in its premises, but the uneatable animal part, horn, skin etc. may be sold within the yard to the purchasers to whom permits have been issued by the Secretary or other officer authorised by him to enter the yard for the purpose. Such sales shall be from 6 to 11 in the morning and 3 to 6 in the afternoon. The owner shall remove them if not sold within the said time, failing which they shall be removed by any officer authorised in this behalf by the Secretary and disposed of in the manner as he may deem fit. Any expenditure incurred on this account shall be given by the owner and if not given by the owner it shall be realised as if it were an arrear of Panchayat Tax.