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fact to the President or the Secretary who shall, after taking necessary action, bury the unclaimed corpse.

5. Burial of unclaimed corpse to be, as far as possible, according to the religious custom of the deceased.

The burial of an unclaimed corpse shall, if the religion of the deceased is identified, be as far as possible in accordance with his religious custom.

6. Burial of carcasses.-

The President or the Secretary shall, immediately on the receipt of information of the existence of carcasses or remains of carcasses in the Panchayat area, take steps to bury it: Provided that before burying dead animals or birds or its remains included in the category of wild life, the same shall be brought to the notice of the District Collector or the concerned Wild Life Protection Officer (Forest Department) and action shall be taken to bury it according to their direction.

7. Expenditure for burying corpses.---

Reasonable expenditure for the burial of corpses as per these rules shall be met from the panchayat fund.

Explanatory Note

(This does not form part of the Notification, but is intended to indicate its general purpose.) As per sub-section (1) of Section 166 of the Kerala Panchayat Raj Act, 1994 (13 of 1994), subject to the rules made under the Act; it shall be the duty of the Village Panchayat to meet the requirements of the Village Panchayat area in respect of the matters enumerated in the third Schedule/Item 20 of the Schedule of unclaimed corpses and carcasses. Government have decided to make rules on the subject. This Notification is intended to achieve the above purpose.