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SCHEDULEV [See clauses (a) and (b) of sub-rule (5) of Rule 12] List of Industries which require clearance 1. (a) Manufacture of Battery cells; (b) Manufacture of various parts of bicycles including tyres and tubes;

(c) Electric lamps, tube lights and mercury bülbs and metal accessories like reflectors and shades;

(d) Manufacture of hand tools, machines, industrial and scientific instruments where cutting oil and heat treatment and chromium plating for electroplating are involved; (e) Iron and steel for carrying out pickling; (f) Manufacture of electrical or electronic parts like printed circuits, valves, involving acid treatment, electroplating, solvant treatment; (g) Telephone, Telegraph, Teleprinter, etc.; involving electroplating heat treatment of various parts and manufacture of letter types; (h) Time pieces and watches involving plating and also manufacture of luminescent dial and other parts.

2. Chemicals and Fertilizers 3. Dye stuffs 4. Food products 5. Leather tanning 6. Processing and reconditioning of mineral oils such as engine oil, cutting oil and transformer oil. 7. Paints and varnishes 8. Manufacture of various types of paper including colour paper 9. Pharmaceuticals 10. Internal combustion engines, diesel engines, radiator 11. Textile printing, dyeing, mercurising, bleaching etc. In case problems of pollution arise due to the egression of solid, liquid and gaseous effluents as a result of the manufacture of materials under this category involving the use of water, acids, alkalies, chemicals and the heat treatment, it shall be referred to the Health Department. SCHEDULEVI [See clause (d) of sub-rule (5) of Rule 12] Categories of Industries which require clearance from the Fire Force Department 1. Explosives 2. Fire works 3. Salt peter 4. Spirituous preparation 5. Sulphur 6. Tile Factories 7. Industries using L.P.G. 8. Factory buildings with thatched sheds 9. Matchbox 10. Manufacture of acids: Explanatory Note (This does not form part of the Notification, but is intended to indicate its general purport.) Sections 232, 233, 234 and 254 of the Kerala Panchayat Raj Act, 1994 (13 of 1994) empower the Government to make rules regarding securing of licence from the Village Panchayat for the establishment of dangerous and offensive trades and factories and in respect of giving permission for the construction of factories and for the installation of machinery and also in respect of the grant of licences and permissions and the renewal thereof. This notification is intended to achieve the above object.